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Propagandhi + DickLord + Masochist | The Triffid | Live Review & Gallery

May 14, 2019


I love a Tuesday night gig. The feeling that the week that started off as a veritable shitfight, gets a lot easier when you get to rock the fuck out to epic tunes. Tonight's venue, The Triffid, is packed to the hilt and ready to explode with Canadian heavyweights Propagandhi headlining the night.


Walking into the hanger, the crowd is pumped and ready for Lismore originated four-piece, Masochist to obliterate their eardrums. This band comes hard and fast and are without doubt, extremely deserving of this support slot. Perfectly warming up the crowd, they finish their set strong and have definitely made a new plethora of fans from this performance.


DickLord, well fuck. Here we are again. I said that when they supported Gimme Gimmes at The Tiv, that i'd love to see them again soon and i was in for one hell of a treat tonight. This powerhouse of punk has been busy recording and supporting not only the likes of the Gimmes but also Guttermouth on their recent tour. The fanbase they have built just from these 3 shows, is massive and their stage show is even bigger again. Whether it's frontwoman Jade bounding around the stage and straddling speakers or them just giving shit to their drummer on his birthday, this band is what we've all needed in the Australian scene for a long long time. No holds barred punk, with a splattering of friends actually enjoying the music they produce. They need to come play a stand alone show soon as it would only be fitting with the hard work they've been putting in as of late.


Propagandhi are one of the most underrated punk bands of modern times. When Fat Wreck Chords signed them in the 90's, we never knew what we were in for 20 odd years later. With their latest release Victory Lap gaining massive momentum, the Canadian punk icons have brought their A game to our shores. Strolling on stage to massive applause, they waste no time in getting down to business. Kicking straight into 'Failed Imagineer' it's easy to see why these guys are so loved worldwide. The energy and passion they bring to their shows is unequalled.


As they play through a massive setlist encompassing their huge career, they play everything you want to hear in their setlist. With 'Note To Self' and 'Failed States' getting colossal praise. As soon as the opening chord of 'Apparently, I'm a P.C. Fascist (Because I Care About Both Human and Non-Human Animals)' rings out through the venue, the crowd erupts. This is a high energy show like no other, crowd surfing, stage diving and passionate punters are keeping the security on their toes tonight.


As Propagandhi smash through the set list, the energy in the venue is electric. 'Comply/Resist' garners a massive reaction. One of the stand out tracks from Victory Lap, the whole crowd throws everything they've got into showing the band why the Brisbane audience is the best they'll see in the country. Closing out the set with 'Anti-Manifesto' the band departs the stage to thunderous applause. It's not too long before they bound back on stage to close out with an encore of 'Victory Lap' and 'Night Letters'.


Departing The Triffid, we're all high off the energy that was expelled by the fans at this show. Everyone leaves with excited conversation echoing through the Newstead outskirts. I for one hope that Propagandhi grace our shores again soon, and i know i'm not alone in that feeling.


 All photos (c) JD Punisher Photography





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