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REVIEW: IN THE BURIAL - Lamentations : Of Deceit & Redemption.

May 6, 2019



Australia's IN THE BURIAL have released a total epic symphonic black metal masterpiece with their latest album Lamentations : Of Deceit & Redemption.
This record really impressed me, every song is so well written and well thought out that I found myself replaying it even with it's 67 minute run time.

Musically, this is symphonic black metal at its best and the band have managed to create a huge wall of sound of layered tremolo picked guitars, synths, thunderous bass, shrieking vocals, blast beats and thankfully a high quality production.
But it's the finer details that makes this album so special with the Dimmu-esque piano rolls, Emperor quality guitar riffs and let's not forget the excellent vocals.

Vocalist Mel Bulian has an incredible range and showcases her diversity through high pitched shrieking, death growls and clean singing.
Also as an added bonus we get operatic vocals on the track Holographic Webs We Weave supplied by the legendary Veronica Bordacchini, who is known for her work with Fleshgod Apocalypse.

The record as a whole really takes you on a journey and the quality of songwriting is what kept me coming back for more.
The way the songs are carefully crafted going from incredibly fast to slower moments, from the brutally sinister to the orchestral and melodically epic, as if the music itself is telling a story and dragging you into it.

I honestly love this album and I doubt anything will compare to it in 2019.
I highly recommend everyone pick it up immediately. 


Pre order and stream IN THE BURIAL - Lamentations : Of Deceit & Redemption HERE











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