Breaking Benjamin - Ember | Album Review

Breaking Benjamin are a band that just goes from strength to strength. The Pennsylvanian outfit last gave us a brilliant album with Dark Before Dawn in 2015 and their latest offering Ember is even better again.

The album leads in slowly, with pianos opening ‘Lyra’ and gradually making way for the signature distorted guitar work and thumping percussion to usher in ‘Feed The Wolf’. This heavy and pounding style is familiar to the BB faithful, as its what we know them best for and we can never get enough. The first single off the album ‘Red Cold River’ was the perfect track to tease audiences with as its catchy as hell and showcases front man Benjamin Burnley's vocals that are harmonious one minute and brutally coarse the next.

Stand out track ‘Psycho’ is just bone-crushingly heavy. The bass work dominates the intro and the tail end of each chorus. It just flows so well and i wouldn't be surprised if this is the next single they release from this phenomenal album. ‘Down’ is a perfectly written song. Graduating intro, leading into heavy grooves with a mellow yet crashing verse and chorus thrown in for good measure. This song is an amazing piece of music that i could listen to on constant rotation.

Torn In Two’ and ‘Blood’ deliver a ‘one-two’ blow to the eardrums while ‘Close Your Eyes’ reminds of the early tracks that first hooked fans to this epic band. ‘Vega’ closes out this amazing album but you can't help feel like you need more. That's how good Breaking Benjamin are at writing music. You're immersed so heavily in their music that you forget how many tracks you've heard and before you know it, its over.

Listen to this album, even if you're not a fan or have never heard of them before, it's sure to leave a positive mark on your memory.

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