Kamelot + Valhalore + Seraphic | Monday 3 Dec @ the Triffid Brisbane

It’s been over 10 years since I saw Kamelot last at a show with Firewind at the Islington Accademy in London. Kamelot were touring behind the “Ghost Opera” album and at the time were definitely at the top of their game. I must admit, I’d lost track of the band over the intervening years (aside from occasionally revisiting “The Black Halo” and “Ghost Opera”) So 10 years later I have the opportunity to check them out again.

Kamelot is the brain child of Thomas Youngblood who is the sole original member of the band, and has kept a tight reign on their sound and image for the entirety of their career. Not that this is a bad thing, when you hear Kamelot, you know it’s Kamelot. Even with vocalist Tommy Karevik taking over from Roy Kahn back in 2012 the sound and aesthetics of the band have remained pretty much the same.

Sadly, I arrive at (the best venue in Brisbane) the Triffid a little late to catch the first band Seraphic but made it just in time for main support Valhalore.. I have seen their name around a lot over the past few years but never had the chance to check them out, now I know what I’ve been missing!

Valhalore are at a true international standard, not just some local band who lucked onto a bill these guys belonged there and it was clear the crowd felt the same way. I have to say, I was blown away by the amount of people who have turned out on a Monday night to see a power/prog metal band in BRISBANE!

To be honest with you I was sure we were going to see a scattering of people and not much else, but the room was close to full (not crammed mind you but there wasn’t too much spare space) AND it also wasn’t the sausage fest that I was expecting either, it would have been very close to a 50/50 gender mix which was GREAT to see at a metal gig.

As the lights went down and the intro tape rolled Kamelot entered the stage and immediately got to with “Phantom Divide” followed quickly by “Rule the world” and “Insomnia”. These guys are a very tight well oiled unit, every member of the band is BANG on point,

Tommy’s voice is absolutely perfect, I think the only thing I can fault them on is it’s a little too perfect, the use of the backing track to cover the vocal harmonies (ones that aren’t covered live by backing vocalist Lauren Hart from Once Human) and other instrumentation is a little bit of a distraction for me, but only a little bit.

The crowd spends the show totally in the collective palms of the band, songs old and new are greeted with equal amounts of enthusiasm older tracks like “Karma” sit perfectly well beside cuts from the latest Shadow Theory album.

If you get the chance to check them out before the end of the tour DO IT!

The only thing that soured the night at all was the horribly stinky dude who I’m sure hasn’t washed in months standing somewhere in the middle of the crowd … dude, that was nasty, sort out your personal hygiene!

Apart from that it was one of the best gigs of the year!

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