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REVIEW : Fozzy + These Four Walls + Dirty Brew | The Triffid - Brisbane 14/11/2018

 It seems fitting that we are at The Triffid today, just across the street from where I first saw Fozzy on their first Australian tour at the Waterloo (yes kids the waterloo was once a fantastic live venue!) in 2005. I haven’t seen them since then and was very keen to see how they have evolved as a live band.

For those who aren’t aware Fozzy are fronted by the always energetic ball of good humour and muscle, WWE superstar Chris Jericho who along with his band made up of Stuck Mojo’s Rich Ward (guitar) and Frank Fontsere (Drums), with Billy Grey (guitar) and Randy Drake on bass duties. Being a massive Mojo fan I was always keen to catch Rich on any stage I can see him on.

We sadly arrive a little late to see local bruisers Dirty Brew but in just enough time to be blown right out of my socks by locals “These Four Walls” GOD DAMN! I’d heard their name around a bit over the years but never seen them, now I know what I’ve been missing out on … TOP CLASS STUFF!. Great songs, great stage presence and they had the early punters attention right from the start. If you get the chance, go out and see them …. NOW!



Without too much messing around, the lights go down and Fozzy hit the stage. The show is exactly what you’d expect it to be, Energetic, tight and powerful. Jericho is a commanding presence on stage, dressed in a sequined jacket, scarves and a good deal of muscle his years of crowd interactions as a major draw in the WWE mean that he has everyone eating out of the palm of his hand from the first note. BUT Fozzy wouldn’t be Fozzy without Rich, who is probably the happiest looking dude on earth. (pretty sure he doesn’t age at all!) Rich doesn’t stop for the entire set, always moving, always smiling and pulling faces, but never dropping a note!


Tonight’s show takes in a fair whack of their latest album Judas, Fozzy open with the title track and quickly follow with the catchy “Drinkin’ with Jesus” but also goes all the way back through their catalogue including their Steller cover of ABBA’s “SOS” and a storming cover of ACDC’s “TNT”.


By the time they finish with “Sand Paper” there isn’t a person in the audience that wasn’t smiling.
A Fozzy show wouldn’t be a Fozzy show without the theatrics that Chris Jericho brings to his performance, the guy KNOWS how to work a crowd, from chants “Fozzy Fozzy Fozzy ….. Oi! Oi! Oi!” to his fake walk off (Greeted by boos) to turning and walking back to the mic (Greeted by Cheers) back, forward, back forward etc. to bringing a large portion of the audience on stage to dance with the band.

A Fozzy show is pure joyous entertainment, Lets hope they are back again soon! 


REVIEW : James Schmidt

PHOTO : Dan Maynard




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