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Lifeblood – ‘The Air In My Lungs’ EP Review

October 9, 2018


Brisbane’s rapidly expanding music scene is currently birthing some absolute giants across many differing genres. One in particular that has been bubbling away for some time now is the hardcore scene and this slow burn has paved the way for a number of bands to perfect their craft and send themselves hurtling forward toward grandeur.

Enter, Lifeblood. Taking cues from some of the chaotic hardcore heavyweights such as The Chariot and Every Time I Die, Lifeblood successfully blend and create their own take on the genre and they play it with such passion and conviction that you can just imagine them shining brightly on the world’s stage. Their debut EP, The Air In My Lungs is set for release this week and it is definitely something to be excited about.

The EP opens up with first single Expand, which, with its frantic guitar work and impassioned screams of vocalist Dylan Clark, punches you right in the earholes and sets the scene for the brief yet powerful journey through the bleakness of modern society.

Lyrically the songs would speak to many on such a personal level, dealing with themes of self-worth and trying to “fit in” or rather conform to the standards that are produced by the constant barrage of lies from today’s ever-present social media platforms. Tracks such as Expand and its follow up Laughing Stock display this struggle perfectly and when set to the backdrop of the furious animosity displayed by guitarists Cameron & Rani and the pulsating rhythms of drummer Sean and bassist Josh, it is a feeling of desperation and helplessness that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to.

Counter Intuitive is a nostalgic trip back to the early 2000’s hardcore scene with its disjointed guitar riffs sounding like a beautiful mash-up of O’ God-era Norma Jean and Cancer Bats. The song closes out on a terribly somber note with the guitars scaling back to an almost ambient state covered by cries of loneliness. But it’s a lull that doesn’t last long as Oscillate breaks down the door and turns things back up to 11. Just try and not mosh to this song in your lounge room, I dare you.

And just as quickly as it began the EP draws to a close with the short, atmospheric track Air giving way to closer Intimacy, which boasts the most intricate guitar work of all the songs on offer and also the most heartfelt lyrics, dealing with what sounds like a broken relationship from the perspective of a completely disillusioned individual.

This is a powerful release, that can’t be said enough. It’s tough yet sensitive at the same time, equal parts beautiful and menacing. It may not give hope to the legions of the lost but it is most definitely an excellent way to release some aggression and pent-up frustration with the world today. 

Lifeblood -  "The Air in My Lungs" is out  Friday October 12th


Lifeblood - Expand (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)




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