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Tesseract + Circles + Opus Of A Machine @The Triffid Brisbane | 16.09.18


If you haven’t yet been to The Triffid do yourself a favour and go check out a show there. It’s an old airplane hangar converted into a live room, a venue built by musicians for musicians and it is just glorious. The sound, the atmosphere, the décor, just all of it really makes for quite the concert experience.


But I digress, we’re here for music. And boy are we treated or what! First up on the bill tonight is the Brisbane-based prog outfit Opus Of A Machine. The boys take to the stage facing a nearly empty room, but by the time they have finished their seemingly short yet powerfully emotional set, the room has filled quite adequately. “Strap yourselves in!” singer/guitarist Mitchell Legg declares before launching into their epic 10+ minute closing song Beacon from their latest release Stray Fire. It’s a song that’s equally aggressive as it is beautiful, with a barrage of riff work that will make you feel feelings.



Next up is Melbourne lads Circles. With a cracking new album under their belts these guys have been going from strength to strength and it’s easy to see why. Newly appointed frontman Ben Rechter is phenomenal, from his soaring album-quality vocal work to his energetic stage presence he has taken on the role with gusto and does the bands brand of progressive metal all the justice it deserves.


Opening with Breaker, the first single off their latest album The Last One, Circles take to the stage with an infectious energy that permeates through the crowd and is given back at every turn. Taking heavily from The Last One, fans are also treated to some of the heavy hitting songs off the bands debut album Infinitas, such as album opener Erased and the mighty As It Is Above. The talent that these boys pack into a four piece is unbelievable and they are definitely going places.



As the house lights come up ever so slightly, an atmospheric nature sound begins to play over the PA and grows in intensity as the main event approaches. “Tesseract! Tesseract!” the crowd begins to chant as the house lights go dark for the last time. In a haze of smoke the band take the stage and waste no time at all, belting out Luminary from this years Sonder release and then diving straight into Of Mind – Nocturne from 2013’s Altered State.


Vocalist Daniel Tompkins is in fine form from the get-go, his singing ability leaving even the most seasoned punter awe-struck. He delivers with a furious passion that simply amplifies the music behind him. “Let’s do this, right now!” he says as he leaps into the crowd for a blistering rendition of Concealing Fate, Part 2 – Deception.



Whether accentuating the more beautiful and ambient moments with his signature croon or punishing the airwaves with his aggressive screams, the man is an undeniable talent. Heck, the whole band is something to behold. Drummer Jay Postones’ plays with a deadly accuracy accompanied magnificently by the frantic fretwork of bassist Amos Williams while the dual guitar assault of James Monteith and Tesseract mastermind Acle Kehney creates an atmosphere most prog bands would die to emulate.


The set is diverse, taking from all 4 studio albums in equal measure and showcasing the vast array of sounds and moods this band is able to create. Hexes is a crowd favourite and has everyone singing along from the slow beginning to the epic finish, it’s almost sad when it’s over. That is until the uplifting Phoenix erupts from the stage segueing beautifully into April, yet another crowd favourite. The songs sound big enough on their respective albums, but played live they outdo the size of the venue. They just sound absolutely massive.


Tompkins says a little speech about the meaning behind the word Sonder and how we can all get a little selfish sometimes, he hopes through music and gatherings such as tonight’s event we can all try and become a little less selfish. The band then launches into second last song King, possibly the most aggressive song off Sonder, before saying their goodbyes and closing out the night with Concealing Fate, Part 1 – Acceptance. There is no encore, there is no need. Honestly I don’t think the crowd could take much more of the sheer excellence that has come from The Triffid’s stage tonight. If you missed this show, you definitely missed something special.


Review : Benjamin Coe
Photo's : Thomas Smith (Just Ignore the Camera)





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