Tech N9ne w Krizz Kaliko, The Viking N3, Shortymain | The Tivoli | 14 September 2018 | Live Review &

Entering The Tivoli tonight is a completely different feel to what i'm used to. Taking advice from my father that you should try and keep a broad range of musical tastes, this evening looks like it's going to be quite the experience. I’m about to be in the middle of that which is a Tech N9ne show and i'm excited for it.

Arriving fashionably late due to the magic that is the M1 run from the Gold Coast, i get through the front door of this iconic venue to a mass of fans that seem to come from all walks of life. The place is a buzz from opening act Shortymain. As main support The Viking N3 kicks into gear, its clear to see the energy coming from not only the crowd, but also the artists makes for an incredible atmosphere.

The Viking N3 is something i have not witnessed in a long time. Raw passion of their craft and a love for their fans like no other, these guys raise the roof of The Tivoli and leave the crowd salivating for more. This seems like the only fitting support of the talent that is the one and only Tech N9ne.

Launching straight into his hit ‘Am I a Psycho’, the audience erupts. There is definitely a different feel to a show from this genre to what i'm used to. Drilling through hit after hit, everyone mimics Tech N9ne to the enth degree. He is certainly loved by his devoted fans.

As Krizz Kaliko joins him on stage, they power through all the songs that have brought him to the status of the number one independent rapper in the world. Whipping the crowd into a frenzy with ‘Riotmaker’ and ‘No Reason’, Tech N9ne is certainly at the top of his game and possesses all the skill of such a seasoned artist.

Blitzing through to the end of the main set and rounding out with ‘Speedom’, the crowd wants more. It's hard to comprehend that this man still has so much to give to his fans after the physicality and skill that is included to give a performance of this magnitude. Giving a massive ‘encore’ (he never left the stage so i'm not sure if you can call it that), Tech N9ne gets the crowd to dig deep and summon every ounce of energy to bounce along to the eagerly anticipated ‘Caribou Lou’. This has certainly been a night of highs, in many forms, with The Tivoli marked with the distinct smell of weed smoke.

As we all depart The Tivoli walls, one and all are deeply satisfied. Some new fans were created and many loyal fans rewarded. Shout it loud with me now, TECH N9NE!!!!!

Images (c) JD Punisher Photography

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