Mass Sky Raid 'Science Of Fiction' Album Review

Since their inception in 2011, alt-rock outfit Mass Sky Raid have gone from strength to strength. From securing an EP distribution deal with MGM to receiving radio play across the pond in the US and UK, the Gold Coast boys have been enjoying well-deserved success. This year sees the release of their debut album Science Of Fiction, the follow up to 2013’s Courage Under Fire EP. Having slowly dropped singles from the album since 2014, I think it’s fair to say this release has been highly anticipated. And it delivers on all fronts too. The furious guitar work of opening track Mirrors has you hooked from the get go and as soon as the vocals kick in you know you’re in for a hell of a ride. The chorus delivers a sound very akin to Brisbane rock powerhouse Dead Letter Circus, which in itself is no mean feat, but still manages to stay far enough away to hold a unique edge. The stunning vocal prowess of frontman Adam Lomas is proven in full force on second offering Sacrifice which shows just how well these guys know how to write a hook. 7 years into their career and these guys are writing songs that are built to last. Third track Enemy is a testament to this with its powerful lyrical content and a guitar riff that’ll be stuck in your head for days. Latest single Edge Of The Unknown slows the pace a little and from the haunting melodies of the verse to its catchy chorus this one definitely stands out from the pack. Alex Kewley’s delay-ridden guitar work takes a backseat to the rhythm section of Cameron Dobinson and Morgan Blake (on bass and drums respectively) during the verses and is kicked up a notch in the choruses helping to emphasize the infectious vocal melody. It’s a formula used a lot throughout the album and the boys know how to work it well. The pace barely lets up throughout the albums runtime, even kicking up a gear on solid rock tracks This Moment and its good friend Closer, and by the end of it all you’re left wondering just why aren’t these guys more prolific not only in the Australian rock scene but overseas as well. Whether they’re smashing out a belter of a song like album closer Ocean or exploring a more electronic sound such as that heard on Ocean’s immediate predecessor Dream, these guys should be awarded all the successes that are surely coming their way.

Mass Sky Raid - Edge of The Unknown [Official Video]

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