Come Together 'Recharged' | NightQuarter | Saturday June 30

Absolutely rockin’. What else does such a line up bring with it? A casual Saturday afternoon is made nothing short of spectacular when the NightQuarter opens its gates to masses of us 90s Aussie rock tragics for the Come Together 'Recharged’ festival.

Kicking full swing into the afternoon are the ladies of Rackett. If you haven't seen this quartet live before, get to one of their shows soon. They tear the house down wherever they play.

As the lads of Osaka Punch take the stage, they carry a strange energy with them. Part jazz, part funk but always rocking, there's not one person in the NightQuarter that isn't tapping their feet. Including a gobsmacking Mighty Boosh rivalling 'crimp off’, these guys could put Vince and Howard to shame with their skills.

Mammal are other worldly. Ezekiel Ox charges onto the stage with massive horns upon his head, ready to throw down some of the greatest tunes the NightQuarter has been privileged to have rock their foundations. Their show is high energy, no holds barred rock. With stage rigging climbed, disco ball helmets and heavy riffs throughout the whole set, these guys bring the noise in epic proportions. We all certainly hope to see them back in Gold Coast venues soon.

The Superjesus, I have reviewed these guys many times and always struggle to find words to pay tribute to a band that had such a big influence on my teen years and still continues to to this day. Sarah's voice is simply flawless, delivering the most stellar vocals on ‘Down Again’ and giving phenomenal guitar work and high energy on 'Saturation’. Couple all of this with Ruddy's bass work, Jason's guitar stylings, and ring in from The Living End, Andy Strachan’s percussive brutality, The Superjesus is sounding as tight as ever. If tonight’s performance is the precursor to their upcoming Sumo 20th Anniversary Tour, then i’m a little bit more than damn excited.

I haven't seen Spiderbait live since the days of Homebake and they rocked my world back then. Tonight however, was like rekindling an old romance, one that i had pined for the longest time. Kram was my first foray into a drummer that not only beat the skins but also took the helm of vocals. To me, this was the ultimate in musical prowess. Janet still has the sweet, yet rough vocal stylings that made my fall head over heels for them all those years ago. As soon as they put the opening riff of 'Fuckin’ Awesome’ into the air, the crowd erupts. Giving every song the crowd wants, with 'Black Betty’ seeming to be the one everyone was waiting on, they leave the stage to thunderous applause. Coming back out to rock out their hit 'Shazam!’, everyone is left wanting more. Spiderbait still have it and that's for damn certain.

Tonight was like the high school reunion you actually wanted. Good people all coming together to celebrate that which is the best local talent on offer. THIS is why we’re the best in the world for music

All photos copyright Dan Maynard Photography

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