Strung Out + Friends With The Enemy | Miami Tavern Shark Bar | Saturday June 23

Maybe it’s a good thing Miami Shark Bar is being repurposed soon as it was torn apart on Saturday night. Strung Out, on their third show of an extensive Australian tour were not just ‘warmed up’ as Jake said, they were on fire.

The set began with a brief but powerful cover of Pantera’s ‘Walk’, the best tribute to metal great, drummer Vinnie Paul, who died Saturday. This set the tone for the whole gig, heavy, passionate and non-stop energy. It was like a runaway train, with little time for casual banter between songs, just GO! 

It may have been over 20 years since the release of ‘Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues’ but it’s still relevant and, judging by the crowd, still very much loved. While you may know every song on the record don’t be fooled into thinking you know what you’re getting from the show. ‘Solitaire’ breaks into a little Billy Idol, we got a little more Pantera, and Jason and Chris switched roles part way through ‘Matchbook’. On top of ‘Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues’ we also scored ‘Animal and the Machine’, ‘Too Close to See’, ‘Analog’ and more! Strung Out are in fine form and the new drummer, RJ simply smashed it out of the park. 

Support act, Gold Coast locals Friends With The Enemy did a great job bringing the crowd in. This melodic punk band showed a very clear Strung Out influence delivering a formidable performance. 

The night, of course, was all about Strung Out. They have performed ‘Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues’ so many times and yet by the time the guys left the stage there was nothing left but sweat. Oh, and a room full of buzzing punters missing shoes, shirts or hats. If you missed it, do look back in anger you missed this memory. If you’re lucky enough to still be in front of this train and not left in the wake, jump on tickets now and GO! 

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