Ghost – ‘Prequelle’ Album Review

Ok, so at the risk of sounding a bit like an elitist, for the past few years I’ve watched Ghost rise from a curiosity to somewhat of a phenomenon and thought it was all about the gimmick. I dug the first album mainly due to it being something new and fresh in a scene that has all started to sound the same, but I found myself loosing interest. So when the opportunity came up to review the latest album “Prequelle” I didn’t exactly jump at the chance. But here we are! And god damn I’m glad that I did.

Taken without all of the schtick this is a FANTASTIC album, great songs, massive hooks, dramatic and powerful. Ghost have delivered the album that may well take them into the next level, which, is a pretty amazing feat for a band who have an openly satanic image. On this album Papa Emeritus III has been replaced with Cardinal Copia (yea, yea still Tobias Forge) but with the change in front man there is a change in asthetic, the band has taken on a more energetic and stadium rock / Prog rock sound.

Opening song “Rats” (released a few months back) sets the tone for the album with massive hooks from start to finish and like most of the songs on this album has a very 1980s sound. “Faith” is a steady stomping number, followed by the epic “See the Light” which could almost be Ghosts version of a power ballad until the awesome chorus kicks in. The keyboard heavy instrumental track “Miasma” is a nice break (it even includes a Sax solo just to throw everyone off!), this is followed by “Dance Macabre” which is one of the catchiest ear worms on the whole album.

“Pro Memoria” is a massive Queen-esq dramatic piece of prog rock, “Helvetesfonster” is another instrumental which would fit perfectly into a movie sound track. Album closer “Life Eternal” is another dramatic song that builds massive crescendo then as quick as it started the latest Ghost album is done.

I have to admit, in a very crowded field this year, “Prequelle” is very close to my album of the year (Turbonegro and Amorphis have released albums this year, so they were never going to get the number one spot in my book) but this is defiantly in my top 10 for the year. Prequelle is release on June 1, I strongly recommend you go out and get it. 9/10

Ghost - Rats (Official Music Video)

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