Steel Panther - Eaton’s Hill Hotel | 21.05.18 | Live Review

Steel Panther have toured here almost every year since the release of their first major label debut Feel the Steel and their world renowned live show keeps fans coming back for more every time. This tour is a little different though as the band are playing two sets, one of all their original material and the other of classic sunset strip covered hits. Tonight Steel Panther return to Eaton’s Hill Hotel in Brisbane which for me is an almost 2 hour drive but having missed their last show here thanks to an insane traffic jam, I sure as hell wasn’t planning on missing them this time! Even for a Sunday night fans are lined up early outside in the cold, with some dressed as if they had stepped out of a Delorean time machine straight from the 80’s ready to rock the fuck out. As the band are playing two sets tonight they have no opening support and after a quick intro waste no time ripping into Eyes Of the Panther. ‘Are you ready for some heavy fucking metal’ screams frontman Michael Starr before the band spend some time telling some jokes and having some fun at a few fans expense. Part rock show, part comedy gig their onstage banter is unbeatable, introducing each other with some NSFW jokes Including Stix doing a Rick Allen from Def Leppard impersonation which gets quite a few chuckles. After their comedy routine Steel Panther kick the set into overdrive with the tracks Asian Hooker, Just Like Tiger Woods, Poontang Boomerang and Glory Hole which has everyone singing along, if you have ever heard a thousand people sing ‘blow my load at the glory hole’ it is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. The highlights of the first set though are Community Property and Death to All But Metal, two songs that really helped push the band into the mainstream of heavy music and the hearts of fans around the globe. With no break between, The second set of the night is where the band pay tribute to the sunset strip legends of the 80’s. After revving an imaginary motorcycle through sound effects made by drums and guitar the band play Motley Crue’s Kick Start My Heart. Micheal Starr nails every note flawlessly and demonstrates why he gives even Vince Neil a run for his money, he also does one of the best damn Ozzy Osbourne impersonations around, claps and shuffles included! One thing is for sure though, when you strip back all the humor the band are amazing musicians as proven by Satchel’s guitar solo midway through, which is technically astounding. Showing off as he gets behind the drum kit and mans the kick drum while ripping some amazing solos at the same time, crazy shit! We were then treated to a special guest appearance by original Guns n Roses drummer Steven Adler and his band for a cover of Sweet Child O' Mine and Mr Brownstone, which was unexpected and a thrill for everyone in there. Wrapping up the night with Party All Day for their encore the Panther boys exit the stage with the room erupting in applause that doesn’t seem to stop. There was not one fan left unhappy tonight and for me personally It was well worth the trip to see them. 

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