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Sepultura + Death Angel - The Northern,Byron Bay | May 17

May 18, 2018



When most people think of The Northern in Byron Bay they usually don’t think of metal but tonight instead of indie and rock, the venue plays host to arguably one of the biggest names in heavy music, Brazilian legends Sepultura and American Bay Area thrashers Death Angel.

Having seen both bands before in larger venues I jumped at the chance to see them in what some would consider a more intimate setting.

In saying that, The Northern was packed wall to wall with metal heads young and old ready to let off some steam.

With no local opening support, Death Angel kick the night off with fury. Vocalist Mark Osegueda has some of the best pipes in the genre and his range is astounding live and consistent throughout their set. But it’s the band as a whole interacting with the crowd while showing off some amazing musical chops that impressed the most.

lead guitarist and founder Rob Cavestany is still one of the greats when it comes to shredding and while their were definitely songs that fans would have liked in the set it still didn’t disappoint with tracks like The Dream Calls For Blood, Claws in So Deep and The Ultra Violence to keep them happy.
Wrapping up with the moth it was amazing the crowd still had the energy for the main act as Death Angel had every single person in that room moving from start to finish, it was insane!

By the time Sepultura hit the stage the venue is so packed that you can hardly move which is proof that even in a small regional town in Australia fans will travel from far and wide to see them.

Opening with I Am The Enemy from their latest album Machine Messiah, Sepultura smash through one hell of a memorable set with fan favourites such as Choke, Desperate Cry, Refuse Resist and Arise but it’s the tracks like Iceberg Dances and Sworn Oath that help glue it all together giving fans more than just a run of the mill set of hits and adding something fresh and interesting.

Derrick Green is a monster of a frontman and has been a force to be reckoned with since taking over vocal duties for Max Cavalera when he left the band after the release of Roots many years ago.
Tonight the band is celebrating 20 years of Derrick Green as their singer as proudly announced by guitarist Andreas Kisser midway through the show which is received by the crowd erupting in cheers and screams giving him the respect he rightly deserves.

As intimidating as the band is live they also show they have a sense of humour, improvising a reggae song after a fan throws them a terrible looking Hawaiian shirt.

Quickly after though things really ramp up as Sepultura play two of their most loved songs Ratamahatta and Roots Bloody Roots to a room full of faithful followers throwing themselves around and screaming out the lyrics In unison giving a sense of brotherhood amongst strangers.

As the gig comes to a close and the exhausted metal heads exit the venue you can hear people talking about how it is one of the best gigs they have ever seen and i personally agree 100%.

There is only one Sepultura and they destroyed the great Northern tonight, if you weren’t there then you missed a rare opportunity. 



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