P.O.D + A Breach of Silence + Chelsea Rockwells | Coolangatta Hotel | Live Review & Gallery

Trekking to the Cooly Hotel on a Sunday for all the right reasons. Heavy guitars, soul crushing drum beats and lyrics that hold a different meaning to a lot of people. This, is a P.O.D show.

If you’re not familiar with P.O.D (Payable On Death), then you must've been pretty damn high at the turn of the century. With songs like Alive and Youth of a Nation sufficiently crammed into our ears on multiple radio stations, it was hard not to move along to their unique sound. Bringing together lyrics that had a hip-hop feel with melodic choruses, P.O.D brought the noise hard and fast to the masses and quickly built a devoted fanbase.

Chelsea Rockwells kick things off tonight with a big sound for a trio. The Gold Coast natives have definitely earned their spot on this bill and the local crowd shows them a lot of love as they bust out their indie rock sound. Energetic from the moment they get on stage, these guys are a great foreshadow for what’s to come.

Kings of crowd interaction, A Breach Of Silence take the stage and these Brisbane lads absolutely decimate the masses. This quintet is as heavy as they are infectious. With the crowd chanting 'IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE!’, the boys feed off the energy that the crowd expels. Every bit of their set is exactly what is needed to get every person in the room moving and ready for the arrival of P.O.D.

From the moment P.O.D steps on stage, the venue becomes electric. Front man, Sonny Sandoval takes the mic in his hand and commands it like a warrior holding a sword. Getting straight into an amazing setlist with "Set It Off", It"s clear to see that P.O.D came to bring the noise, and they do it with ease. As soon as the opening riff of 'Boom’ cracks the airwaves, the atmosphere increases tenfold and the crowd pulses with every beat. With a quick interlude to welcome their fans, Sandoval requests that they help out with the next song.

There’s something amazing about hearing a crowd sing in unison. Even more so when it fits in with the song. This is what happens when P.O.D play 'Youth of a Nation’. With the crowd accompanying Sandoval with this iconic track its enough to send a shiver down your spine. If you thought that P.O.D only had a handful of hits, then you’re completely wrong. Paying tribute to the late, great Chester Bennington, the band dedicates their song 'Satellite’ to the Linkin Park frontman, as it's touching lyrics are perfectly suited to such a tribute.

Blasting through a massive setlist with songs such as 'The Messenjah’ and 'Alive’, it's easy to see why P.O.D have stood the test of time. Their sound on album is awe inspiring, but once its taken to a live platform it becomes something else entirely. The Cooly Hotel has seen a lot of great bands recently, but it's certainly going to be hard to top the likes of the force that is P.O.D

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