Primus + Dean Ween Group - Brisbane Live Review And Gallery

I’ve been a Primus fan for over 20 years. They were one of the first bands I ever got into thanks to a friends older brother who sat us down and showed us Sailing the Seas of Cheese. It was one of those unforgettable moments in life where it seems that you have been given a key to a whole new dimension and your life is never the same from that point on. I have seen the band a few times over the years but it has usually been at a festival where they have had restricted set times and stage show, but tonight we have been given the exciting opportunity to see a full Primus set in one of Queensland’s best venues, Eaton’s Hill Hotel. Despite the long journey for us to get there, we know it is going to be worth it to see Les, Larry and Herb shred and jig up a storm in support of their epic ninth album ‘The Desaturating Seven’. Opening support comes from the Dean Ween Group, featuring one half of legendary alternative rock band Ween who carved their own path in music history starting back in the 90’s. Most of the people I know at the gig tonight have come early to see Dean Ween Group and would have paid the admission price to see that band alone, but having both Primus and Dean Ween on the same bill is like a musical match made in heaven and not something you would want to miss out on. The Dean Ween Group do a great job at warming up the crowd with their own blend of country/surf/comedy rock. Highlights of their set that get the most laughs are Exercise man and Fingerbangin. While there were definitely a few people unfamiliar with them scratching their heads with confusion, the majority of them room where more than happy to see them play and were open to what they had to offer. Primus have so many legendary songs they could have opened with, but there is something about the start of ‘Those Damn Blue Collard Tweekers’ that just sends people crazy, as soon as the song kicks into the main riff everyone’s just bouncing off the walls and singing along. It’s also accompanied by a backdrop of 5 long screens that have the music synced up with the cartoon Salad Fingers which strangely enough fits perfectly with the song. This is followed up with The Seven from from their latest album The Desaturating Seven where the album’s cover art comes to life on the screens in a colourful psychedelic dream like display. We are then treated to the fan favourite Too Many Puppies which half way is then switched to Sgt Baker effortlessly and then back to puppies again. Even though the band has played them probably thousands of times over the years it’s great to hear the songs delivered in a new fresh way without disappointing the fans. Ever the showman, Les Claypool walks off stage and re-emerges wearing his infimous pig mask for Candyman and Mr Krinkle. It’s after this that Claypool really seems to come alive and the set takes some unexpected twists and turns. A song I definitely didn’t expect to hear was probably one of their most famous, Winona’s Big Brown Beaver (introduced as Brisbane’s Big Brown Beaver) which was a much welcomed addition to the set and made more than a few people happy. Tonight’s show featured some old favourites and some deep cuts like Frizzle Fry, The Heckler, Welcome to This World (blended with Mrs. Blaileen) and one of my favourite Primus songs Over the Electric Grapevine and wrapping up with Here Come the Bastards. And while the bands choice in set list tonight might not have been everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly wasn’t a let down. Seeing the classic Primus line up together again on stage tonight was one hell of an experience and I would attend every show on the tour if I could just to see how far they will go into the catalogue. Photos by Dan Maynard

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