Underoath – 'Erase Me' Album Review

When a band parts ways without using the word ‘hiatus’ you can be almost certain that you will never see that band in action again, not live nor in the studio. But something has happened recently and the number of bands reuniting after years way from the music game has skyrocketed. Not only that but a few of those bands have made some stunning comeback albums.

Enter, Underoath. After a successful worldwide run of shows that saw them playing their seminal albums They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define The Great Line in full and back to back, the band are set to release their eighth full length album and their first in 10 years with original drummer and vocalist, Aaron Gillepsie.

Titled Erase Me, the album sees the band in perfect form albeit sounding a little different than they did all those years ago. Gone are the mathcore-like riffs, instead replaced with a more straightforward, rock-oriented focus as is evident on tracks such as second single Rapture and the anthemic Wake Me.

Make no mistake, there’s still a heaviness to Underoath’s sound that you could probably never take away. This is expertly portrayed on tracks like On My Teeth and the epic Hold Your Breath. Both of which use some ‘colorful’ language for the first time in the bands career, a move that seems to have divided fans considering their background as a primarily Christian band.

But Erase Me also showcases a much more mature side of the band, with a sensibility in the songwriting not seen on previous releases. Some fans may be up in arms over the verse/chorus/verse structure of the majority of the songs on this album but it really works. The dual vocal work of Aaron Gillespie and frontman Spencer Chamberlain is at a career best, keyboardist Christopher Dudley is in his element and guitarist Timothy McTague really shines on the much simpler riffs than he’s more accustomed to.

It’s a tough gig reuniting a band after so long and even more so to record an album of such integrity and growth but Underoath have done a brilliant job. The time away seems to have worked greatly in their favor and here’s to hoping there’s much more to come.

Underoath - Erase Me is released April 6 via Fearless Records/CAROLINE AUSTRALIA

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