Album Review - Pennywise - Never Gonna Die

Pennywise are known for speaking their mind when it comes to political matters. Their latest offering ‘Never Gonna Die’, is no different. With a 10 year gap between full length albums, it was up to them to deliver something phenomenal. And deliver they have. Frontman Jim Lindberg’s signature lyrics are known for inciting passion amongst their vast legion of fans and this album will satisfy each and every one of them. Diving into this album full tilt with the title track, it’s exactly what you’d expect from the Californian quartet. Fast thrashy guitars, manic drum work and hard hitting bass lines. Fletcher's work on the album is better than ever, delivering breakneck riffs with ease and driving every single song home with the combination of heaviness and pick scrapes, the tunes on this album are sure to become fan favourites fast. When we say 'manic drum work’, it conjures up thoughts of Dave Lombardo and Chris Adler. But Byron McMackin’s efforts on this album far surpass even those on the top of the percussive leaderboard. If you’ve seen PW live, you know how much effort goes into the rhythm section. There’s always a heap of sweat dripping from him even after the first song in the setlist. The bass on this album is very prominent in songs such as ‘Keep Moving On’ and ‘Won’t Give Up The Fight’, but every great PW album always delivers this in spades. Randy Bradbury definitely has his work cut out for him in keeping up with Fletcher but he does it with minimum effort. Just listen to this album and you get a whole new appreciation for the most under appreciated member of every band. As stated before, Lindberg’s lyrics are powerful. But what i failed to mention us that the tone in which they’re delivered, is unstoppable. Jim has not deteriorated over the years, instead, maintaining his unique singing voice to last a lifetime. ‘Can I Get A Little Hope’ is fantastically written and is sure to be a crowd favourite when the album is toured after release. It’s so easy to pick a PW song as soon as his lyrics start, it’s that much of a distinguishable voice. All up, if you’re looking for something to inspire you to not only voice your opinion but also to get out on a surfboard or skate deck, then look no further. This album is definitely for you Never Gonna Die is released through Epitaph on April 18 

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