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Suicidal Tendencies - Review Coolangatta Hotel 21.03.18


Photos: JD Garrahy

The Coolangatta hotel on the southern side of the Gold Coast has seen quite a few quality acts pass through in its time, but it is a rare occasion that we get some true heavy hitters such as the legendary Suicidal Tendencies.

While this isn’t the first time the band have played the Cooly, we were lucky enough to have them play here back in 2011 and it was one of the most intense shows I have ever seen at the venue.
Going by the vibe in the room tonight, I think tonight’s show is going to top it.

From Crisis to Collapse have been making a name for themselves in the local scene over the last year and their opening slot is well deserved.
The bands heavy grooves go down well with the punters who have rocked up early and give it their all with the limited stage space they have while keeping the energy in the room pumped up for the duration of their set.
This is a band that is definitely worth keeping an eye on in the future and will definitely be catching them again soon.

Main support tonight, Wolfpack have traveled a hell of a long way to play this gig. While I know a bunch of other Gold Coast bands who would have loved this slot you have to admit that a band willing to travel states to support a major band they love is pretty impressive and admirable.
The Melbourne thrash trio also offer something I have not seen in the genre before, a drummer who also serves as frontman, as strange as this sounds it works extremely well and is entertaining as hell to watch, another band I’d highly recommend to keep an eye on.

By the time Suicidal Tendencies hit the stage the room is warmed up to boiling point even for a Wednesday night.
The ages in the pit seem to range from 18 to 80 and a mix of metal heads, punks and old school thrash dudes united to see their crossover heroes in the flesh especially since it’s been quite a few years since they last played the Coast.

Mike Muir has been doing this long enough to know how to effortlessly work a crowd, he is arguably one of the most charismatic energetic frontman around and doesn’t hold back despite how many times he has done this over the years, it’s evident he lives for this and isn’t just his job, it’s a way of life and feeds off the vibe bouncing off the room.

As the band Rips into the anthem ‘You Can’t Bring Me Down’ the room instantly erupts and it’s just bodies jumping all over the place with excitement.

‘Clap Like Ozzy’ from ‘World Gone Mad’ was definitely a highlight as well as the classics ‘Trip At The Brain’ and ‘Freedumb’ which was started off with some positive words of wisdom from the man himself.

Guitarists Dean Pleasants, Jeff Pogan and bass player Ra Díaz are some of the most high caliber shredders in the industry and not only do they play at jaw dropping speeds , the fact they move around almost as much as mike and keep it on point is mind blowing.

It’s also great to see legendary drummer Dave Lombardo on stage in our neck of the woods again and he proves to be a true weapon in the bands arsenal as he smashes through the set and he even gets a warm welcoming shout out from his faithful leader and friend Mike which results in cheers from everyone in the Venue.

Other classic songs in the set fans were treated to were ‘Possessed To Skate’, ‘I Saw Your Mommy’ and a couple of others before ending with the song Suicidal’s are most known for (and probably sick of the Pepsi memes) ‘Institutionalized’ and finishing with ‘living for life’.

Seeing Suicidal Tendencies live is something everyone should do at least once in their life time, but it’s guaranteed most that do always keep coming back for more.
There is a reason the band has been around for as long as they have and show no sign of hanging up the bandana yet.
Do yourself a favour and see them on this tour, you won’t regret it. 




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