Say It With Me Now - Acaedia (Uh-SEE-Dee-Ah)

Acaedia are not your average post metalcore band. Since their creation they have released 2 EPs and belted out a cover of the pop hit 'Despacito’ that soon became an internet sensation. But things are only just warming up for the Florida based quartet. Early in their career, the band shared the stage with a multitude of bands, including securing a spot on the Vans Warped Tour side stage in 2015 and progressing onto the main stage for the 2016 festival, they're certainly leaving their mark hard and fast. While it's not easy to make your mark in the music industry these days, with it’s over saturation of mediocre acts, the lads of Acaedia are leading the charge for a new breed of metal bands to break through into the unforgiving world of metalocity. Fronting this four piece is vocalist Ray Jimenez, formerly of Abiotic. For someone that has enjoyed both bands, it's good to hear him flex his vocal range and really challenge himself with more harmonious tones rather than give everything to the roar and scream that is so prevalent in today's modern metal. Javier Sardinas’ guitar work on their first EP ‘Dawning’ while brutally heavy, also finds its melodic side throughout the tracklist and is perfectly complementary of one another. Percussive work for the band is helmed by Mike Collantes and the guy certainly has the chops to beat the absolute crap out of a set of skins. While at some points heavy and speedy thrash, other times giving a perfect undertone to the slower parts of tracks like 'Erase’, you can't help but admire Collantes' skill behind a kit. The rhythm section of the band is rounded out by Eddy Madero who also provides vocals to assist Jimenez with his duties and is the perfect accompaniment to the band, giving them an upper hand above many other bands trying to break into this industry. As you go between both EPs, from 'Dawning’ to 'Void’ you can easily hear the evolution of such a young band. 'Void’ provides a more progressive side to their musical stylings, while 'Dawning' was more of a statement of 'this is who we are and we're here to stay'. With their covers of pop songs in their own unique metal styling and original tracks that are a strong, brutal addition to modern metal, the band certainly has a bright career on the horizon and I for one eagerly await their next release. 

Void is now available through iTunes and Amazon

For more information on Acaedia head to

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