David Duchovny + Winterbourne - Live Review and Gallery - Eatons Hill Hotel

My childhood was launched into the stratosphere the moment that The X-Files touched down in Australia. It helped an entire generation to question everything and to trust no one. For this review though, that's as much as i'm going to reference this iconic show. Tonight is all about David Duchovny and his stellar voice.

The opening act of tonight's show is Winterbourne. A humble folk duet from the Central Coast of NSW. These two lads have earned their spot to open for Duchovny across the country as their soothing tunes not only keep you relaxed but also get you tapping your toes without you even realising. Bringing with them not only a great sound but immense skill in playing guitars and also bass drum and tambourine in perfect unison, these lads have certainly gained a lot of new fans in this Brisbane crowd

Duchovny's voice sounds exactly how you expect it to sound. Soulful, deep, raspy and gentle while still having enough power to stop you in your tracks. While everyone is transfixed on Duchovny, it's hard to let such a brilliant band go unnoticed. Hypnotising grooves and fantastic bass lines get the crowd moving around more than a single gentlemans voice ever could. These master craftsmen are the perfect accompaniment to Duchovny’s smooth vocal stylings.

Working through an extensive setlist while interacting with the crowd, the legendary frontman of this outfit is clearly at home on the stage belting out a phenomenal rendition of 'The Weight’ as his band provides the perfect backing vocals and flawless instrumentals. With a mix of charm, style and comedy, Duchovny holds us within the palm of his hand whilst he delivers song after brilliant song. Cheers from the crowd spur him on and he’s as quick witted towards anything yelled in his direction. Making the crowd sway in unison with a gentle song titled 'Stars’ it's a great way to bring us to a relaxed state for a full sing along of the Crowded House classic 'Dont Dream Its Over’ which welcomes support Winterbourne back on stage to make things even more special.

Duchovny & Co. delve into their back catalogue throughout the show and play some of the new tracks of their latest offering ‘Every Third Thought’. With such a tight sound, it's no wonder why Duchovny has chosen these musicians to accompany him with his latest venture. New track 'Stranger In The Sacred Heart’ is beautiful and powerful all in one. While some were here just to be in the same room as Duchovny, I'm sure all have left tonight's show with a commitment to buy all of his music.

Rounding out the main set with a medley of covers, they are roared back on stage by the crowd to bust out 2 additional songs and round out their Australian tour in style. If you missed out on this show, then please kick yourself swiftly as this was an intimate and mind blowing experience. I eagerly await their return to our shores, no matter how long that may take.

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