Live Review and Gallery - Hotter Than Hell @ Racehorse Hotel, Ipswich

Hotter Than Hell at Ipswich. Well, it WAS hotter than hell and more humid than an amazonians crotch to tell you the truth. But we were out in force and ready to smash ourselves to oblivion and beyond. Todays setting is the Racehorse Hotel and is a more than ample venue to accommodate the punters of Ipswich.

If you were either a teenager, or in your 20’s in the 90’s, then today's lineup is like a soggy dream come true. Kicking of is Sydney quartet Rackett and holy shit, these ladies wail! Putting forward all they have and then some, the heat cannot stop them from really getting the crowd fired up and in full swing for the rest of the day. Busting out the opening set to end all, they give the crowd a treat with a cover of Audioslave’s 'Cochise’, and man do they smash it out of the park. If this is what we’re treated to for the opening act, then the rest of the lineup has some big shoes to fill.

Aussie pop punk outfit Bodyjar take the stage to thunderous applause. The masses have gathered and they’re about to be blown away by this Melbournian four piece. Launching full tilt into a setlist that reads like a greatest hits album, it's easy to see why these guys are crowd favourites. Playing it up to the crowd and delivering song after song that you just can't help but tap your feet along to, Bodyjar have the crowd in the palm of their hands. To be able to put forward such an energetic show in this heat and humidity, is nothing short of miraculous. I certainly can’t wait to get along to more shows of theirs this year.

Frenzal Rhomb. These guys are an Aussie institution. Their setlist is hefty and spans an illustrious career. From 'Genius’ to 'Bird Attack’ and even the ‘Home and Away’ theme song, Frenzal have the most crazy stage presence and energetic fans. Jay and The Doctor have an onstage camaraderie that rivals that of ANY great duo. Feeding off each others quips and trying to make the show equal parts fast paced Aussie punk and comedic respite so the punters can get their breath back, it's easy to see why these guys have the staying power as one of Australia's premier live bands. Closing out their set with 'Punch In The Face’ the crowd is completely satisfied with such a massive set. If you see Frenzal coming to a town near you, get there. You're guaranteed a fantastic night

As if the line up hadn’t already crushed the raceway today, with two bands left we see one of Australia’s most iconic bands Jebediah take to the stage. Fronted by legendary Bob Evans, the four piece smash through a solid set that would make any fan tremble at the knees.

Hitting the stage and opening with 'Lino' from the 1998 album that broke them into the Australian market 'Slightly Odway' and smashing through 'Animal' and 'She's Like a Comet'. Within the first 3 opening songs they have already hit old school, middle school and new school Jebs. They throw their biggest tracks and fan favourites like 'Fall Down', 'Leaving Home' and 'Jerks of Attention' into the set and the crowd show their love singing every word along with Mitchell. The set is closed with 'Teflon' and the band puts every last piece of energy in their bones into it.

It's been a long, hot and energetic day, but that doesn't stop the masses from hanging tight at the stage waiting for the final band of the day. We've already seen some of the best Australian acts hit the stage today, but they've saved one of the best for last. Fremantles own favourite export Eskimo Joe walk out to the already energised crowd and take no prisoners as they jump right into with 'Sarah' from the 2006 multi-platinum album 'Black Fingernails, Red Wine'.

The very well dressed frontman Kavyen Temperly shows off his fancy dance shoes as he moves about the stage interacting with the crowd. The band are tight as ever as they play a set that covers all bases. 'Black Fingernails, Red Wine', 'Smoke' and ‘Love is a Drug' all find a place in the set and they bring the day to a close with one of their biggest tracks from their extensive career 'From The Sea'.

It's been an amazing day and Hotter Than Hell has really proved itself at its early stages. With days like Big Day Out and Soundwave far in the past, we can only pray that something as special and epic as the Hotter Than Hell festival doesn't go anywhere anytime soon. If you missed any of the line ups this year, make sure next year you get yourself along to one. You won't be at all disappointed.

Photos by Dan Maynard Photography & JD Punisher Photography

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