Grinspoon + British India + Eliza & The Delusionals + Voiid - Live Review and Gallery - NightQua

The NightQuarter is fast becoming one of the Gold Coast's premium live music venues. And tonight’s show has a lot of expectations to live up to. Branding this show as 'The Best Night Ever’ is a big claim, but the organisers and promoters have delivered the best way to close out 2017 and yes, possibly the best night ever.

Wandering into the NightQuarter close to dusk, everyone seems to be in good spirits and are ready to put the last bit of energy they have from 2017 into a stellar night. Kicking off, local band Voiid give the crowd everything they’ve got and deliver it in spades. These locals sure know how to put on an epic show.

Eliza & The Delusionals take the stage and the crowd shows them a lot of love. Having played some tearaway gigs throughout the year, the quartet put all of their best moves forward and show why they are a powerhouse on the local music scene.

British India have built a very solid fan base, with their catchy tunes and dominant stage presence, the Melbournite quintet deliver fan favourites from their back catalogue and a few from their latest offering ‘Forgetting the Future’. Busting into ‘Plastic Souvenirs’ the crowd erupts. Bringing forth crowd participation that i’m sure they must have surely anticipated. Frontman Declan Melia thrives off the crowds energy and puts every bit of effort into giving the punters what they have been hankering for in live music all year.

Now, i have written a review of a Grinspoon show once before, so it's hard to top what was truly one of their greatest shows of this year. But somehow, being the showmen that they are, they deliver the performance of a lifetime. Phil has onstage charismatic energy that never falters, lapping up the love from the crowd and giving it back tenfold. Kristian and Joe are truly fantastic tonight, the rhythm section dishing out infectious beats and soul plunging bass lines to get this crowd moving and grooving like never before. There’s not a lot you can really say about Pat that hasn't been said before. This guy gives out riffs that get even the oldest of the punters headbanging like they were metalheads from yesteryear. Knowing that we are all going to be sore as hell tomorrow, we throw caution to the wind and put our bodies on the line to make sure that we do, in fact, have 'The Best Night Ever’.

The full scale assault on the eardrums that is ‘Pedestrian’ gets the gathering to fever pitch. Screaming and thrashing like maniacs, the collective vibe from this crowd is that we need to relive every bone splitting moment, every soul crushing riff from our teen years and show the younger generation why we were the best at live music that was or ever will be.

We get every little bit that we bargained for. From ‘Hard Act To Follow’ right through to ‘DCX3’, Grinspoon is completely and utterly on point tonight. They want to give us something to remember 2017 for and certainly want to deliver on NightQuarter’s claim to be 'The Best Night Ever’. Closing out the show with ‘More Than You Are’, we all feel more than fulfilled with the hefty set list that we were given tonight.

Im sure with the way they were received tonight Grinners are set to take Australia by storm once more in 2018.

Disembarking from the confines of The Paddock at NightQuarter, one can not help but try to think of ways to see in 2018 in style that would top this. Having witnessed possibly the best show of 2017, NightQuarter definitely can hold the claim of 'The Best Night Ever’.

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