Cog + Kodiak Empire + Chief Weapons | Eatons Hill Hotel | Sat 8 April 2017

Cog fans never expected the out of the blue tour announced early last year, their first in six years let alone a second tour. Tonight we are treated to just that, a brand new tour, brand new setlist and all in one of Brisbanes best venues, Eatons Hill Hotel.

The night kicks off with Brisbanes very own experimental two piece, Chief Weapons. The last time I was genuinely this impressed with a two piece was when I first heard Royal Blood. What makes these guys more impressive is that all of their loops and effect layers are created on stage live right in front of you. And you can see that with the communication bouncing between the two. Octave pedals, delay and reverb. I don't know how else to describe them. If you see them on a bill anytime soon make sure you get along.

The room is slowly beginning to pack in and Kodiak Empire take their place on stage. A Brisbane based five piece creating a blend that could be described as experimental alternative prog rock. Currently on the road as part of their Hakbah Tour, promoting the recent release of video single Hakbah from their 2016 EP Silent Bodies. They're energetic, loud and they are showing some true talent to a home crowd. Kodiak Empire have set the tone perfectly for the following act.

Cog truly are masters of their genre. And tonight's set only proved that theory even further. Now they're on their second run of tour dates since the very well received highly anticipated return to the stage mid 2016 and once again they've packed out the room. The lights dim and Mario Savios aggressive 1964 speech from the steps of the Sproul Hall sets the mood over the PA. And in a matter of moments they blast into The Movies Over from their last album release Sharing Space.

Cog generally tend to open their shows with one of two songs, Anarchy Ok or Doors. Both of which have long progressive intros, so this was somewhat a different approach to a Cog set.

Moving through we see a perfect mix of both albums The New Normal and Sharing Space and we're treated with Moshiach from their debut EP Just Visiting Pt 1 closer to the end of the set. The set is laced with tracks such as Bird of Feather, Resonate, The Spine and Swamp, just to name a few and they're sounding better than they ever have. Put that hand in hand with the sound that Eaton Hills PA produces, it makes for an incredible and unforgettable set.

There's no encore tonight, it's not needed, they've nailed it. They bring the show to a slamming close with the almost 10 minute prog epic Problem Reaction Solution, the closing track off of Sharing Space. The boys have made it undoubtedly clear that they're not even close to being done with the monster that is Cog.

Photos by Dan Maynard Photography

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