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These Four Walls – ‘This Is Not A Future’ [Album Review]

Updated: Apr 16

By Benjamin Coe

Gold Coast based hard rockers These Four Walls are becoming somewhat of a household name in the Australian music scene and the boys are now gearing up to release their long-awaited third full-length album, This Is Not A Future. And I mean long-awaited; it’s been 8 years since their last full release, 2012’s Living To Write The End, so naturally fans will be chomping at the bit.

From the soft opening of introductory number The Sound, it’s clear that there’s a passion and intensity here that’s difficult to fault. Singer/guitarist Steve Gibb delivers an impeccable performance, from the softly sung opening of The Sound to the all-out assault of latest single CHAOS, he proves that he has the chops (and the pipes) to stand amongst some of the best vocalists this country has to offer.

This, coupled with some incredibly catchy riff work from lead guitarist Gray Vickers, makes for some killer tunes that will stick with you for a time to come. These guys have written some of the catchiest hooks you’ll ever hear and they deliver it with an absolute energy that would no doubt translate well into the live arena.

Tracks like Fire Away and Slow are punchy as hell, while others like the ballad-y stylings of Before I’m Gone and album closer Nothingland showcase a softer side of the band that definitely has a welcome place amongst the high-energy of the rest of the album. I’ve already said it but I must reiterate, these guys can write a damn good song and in turn an excellent album.

These Four Walls take the best parts of the early 2000’s alt-rock movement and mix it with a modern day dialogue, dealing with such topics as an increasing disillusionment with greater society and standing up for not only yourself but the bigger picture of right vs. wrong in the world. The album’s title, This Is Not A Future, could not be more pertinent at the moment.

With production duties handled by Dead Letter Circus guitarist Luke Palmer (Skyharbour, Rival Fire), this is an album that should certainly stand the test of time and may well be regarded as their best effort yet. Aging like a fine wine, it seems that These Four Walls are here for not only a good time, but also a long time.

These Four Walls long awaited 3rd album "This Is Not A Future" is out on Friday April 24th.

Pre order HERE :

We also caught up with the bands frontman Steve Gibb to talk about the new record and the support their fans gave them to help complete it, it’s lyrical themes, opening for some of the biggest heavy bands on the planet, keeping their connection to their home country of New Zealand and more,check out the Interview here :

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