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[Review] Trivium - What The Dead Men Say

Review : Dan Maynard

We're in a strange time at the moment, strange times indeed. The world is literally in the midst of a pandemic lock-down. We are all in the same position and we all need a pick me up, something to distract us along the way. Enter Trivium, gloriously clutching onto a blazing fiery torch, lighting the path to a better place. With many bands, understandably holding back on release dates, it's a sigh of relief to have something new to take in and clear the mind, avert our ears from a world of distraught and confusion. Trivium's ninth studio album What The Dead Men Say does just that and more. The intro track, appropriately titled IX, begins calm and tranquil, blasting into a huge melodic clash of big guitars and bass and proceeds to flawlessly flow straight into the title track of the album, What The Dead Men Say. Followed by Catastrophist, the first single to be released off the album back in February, giving us our first glimpse at new Trivium and we were not let down, with it's classic Trivium vibe, it was an easy reminder of why we love the Orlando four piece. The album doesn't give in from start to finish, even the quieter moments have balls and energy to them, it's impossible to find yourself losing interest at anytime. The Defiant stands out with it's head first opening, thrashy and mind blowing, the track slaps you in the face right through and it's superb. And at this point we're only half way through the album.

It's the ninth track Bending The Arc To Fear that takes the cake for me. It's huge intro just kicked my ass from the moment it began. The song doesn't take a breath, it's huge from beginning to end, as is the rest of the album. Leading into the final track The Ones We Leave Behind, a stunning track that couldn't close off the album any better, keeping to the theme of the album "huge and in your face" it fades out into silence which is a nice way to be eased back into the real world after so much awesome being jammed in your face. Vocalist Matt Heafy really stands out more than usual on this album. You can hear the heart he has put into the album, not to say he hasn't on every other album, but there is something really special about What The Dead Men Say. The thought and care that has gone into the structures and even relationships between the instruments is astounding. The riffs are ballsy, the solos are huge, Paolo's bass has more guts than ever and Alex has definitely found his place and sound in the band. Boy am I impressed with this work of art and I am positive it's going to do the same for everyone who hears it. Grab the album the moment you can, lock yourself in your....wait, no....just chuck the damn thing on and blast your face off. What The Dead Men Say will be available for purchase through all good retailers and streaming services on Friday 24 April via Roadrunner Records. The album is available for pre-order HERE:

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