[REVIEW] : Spherical - ‘Blue’

By Kyla Scrivener

This week I had the opportunity to have an in depth listen to some of the new material from Spherical. Made up of members from both Claim the Throne and Bane of Isildur, Spherical is an extreme progressive metal band exploring Australia’s eucalyptus forests on a bleak winter morning. We were able to have a sneak peak at their three new tracks Pillars, Luminous and Coincident which can all be found on their new EP Blue and we highly recommend you check them out for yourselves.

Pillars begins with a droney and sludgy intro that then catapults you into the universe with some very Mastodon like riffs that change up the feel of the song instantly. Over the top we have some death metal growls, which when paired with the higher pitched lead guitar and gallopy rhythms the overall sound becomes very unique and impressive. Slower and more ambient breaks are placed strategically well within Pillars which keeps the direction of the song interesting and unpredictable. These breaks have some incredible lead guitar work over the top as well which really showcases the musicianship within the band. Mid way through the song we head back into some heavier thrashy progness and some very impressive guitar solos which are executed perfectly. Choosing Pillars as the opening track is a very impressive introduction to Blue and definitely gets listeners hyped for what else Spherical has in store for us.

The second track, Coincident is a soundscape of otherworldliness. Its creepy suspense builds the atmospheric facet of this album with a grim industrial like feedback of ambience. It feels as though it alludes to danger and unrest which creates a tense scene for luminous to send us into the perilous stratosphere yet again.

A totally different approach is taken with the lead guitar and rhythm in the final song Luminous, which is paired with a more black metal vocal style and speed while being balanced out by progressive intervals throughout. Hearing this over the top of higher pitch guitars really works impeccably and is a refreshing and unique spin on what generally is a darker medium to deal with. Slower atmospheric passages are littered throughout the 7 minute beast that gives a serious depth to Luminous as it progresses. These are followed up with some unique and very well written prog based riffs that then evolve into some grim death folk feels. To listen to a song and not know where we are going, yet keeping the progression through these genres symbiotic and natural is what makes Luminous the real shining star on the album.

Spherical’s ability to combine so many facets of metal in one song is truly commendable. The multiple use of vocal styles, guitar styles, genre crossing and overall production of Blue is really impressive and a great choice in musical first release. After listening to Blue it is hard to not be excited for future creations from such a unique band like Spherical.

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