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REVIEW : SLIPKNOT - 'We Are Not Your Kind'

REVIEW : SLIPKNOT - 'We Are Not Your Kind' Written by JD Metal bands, nay, ALL bands listen up, THIS is how you make a true 'return to form' album. With an intro true to the 'Knot, that then launches you straight into 'Unsainted', the nine piece behemoth that is Slipknot, makes their presence felt from the very beginning. This is the album we have been wanting to hear from them since they released 'Vol 3 : The Subliminal Verses' back in 2004.

While their albums since then have certainly delivered some great tracks, they have been missing something that we didn't know we needed. Raw, heavy, 'fly by the seat of your pants' brutality.

As you progress through the tracks, it seems the album has a very cinematic feel to it. It would not be hard to mistake it for a grindhouse indie movie soundtrack. 'Birth of the Cruel' and 'Nero Forte' are stand out's with the latter needing to be a constant on the touring setlist.

They are massive songs who's allotment on the track listing is perfectly executed. 'Red Flag' WILL be a number that gets the whole crowd thrashing uncontrollably at their live shows.

Sid's DJ skills are featured heavily on the album and it works so well, it's a wonder why they haven't utilised their turntable warrior to this extent in previous recordings. It brings a whole new level to their music that needs to continue in the future.

Rounding out this massive offering are tracks 'Not Long For This World' and 'Solway Firth'. Stellar tracks that perfectly close off what is nothing short of the musical equivalent of a full buffet at a restaurant, there isn't a thing on this album that doesn't fit, it's THAT perfect. If you weren't a fan of The 'Knot before, now is the time to get into them. This is an album that you WILL want to see live.

SLIPKNOT - 'We Are Not Your Kind' is out now through Roadrunner Records get it HERE :

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Slipknot - Solway Firth [OFFICIAL VIDEO

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