Updated: Jan 17

Review - Shane Smith

SEPULTURA are back with their 15th album "Quadra", a beast of an album that further innovates their sound but also pays tribute to their earlier albums with epic proportions.

The album opens with the thrash metal beast "Isolation" which seriously takes no prisoners with menacing riffs, aggressive drums and harsh vocals but it's this early on in the album that we hear something unique for a Sepultura release: the use of choir vocals.

Used to great effect this new addition sprinkled throughout the album only enhances the epicness that the riffs call for and speaking of guitar riffs, this is a heavy album.

After the opening track, the next four songs pummel the listener more with killer songs that revisit musical themes of older albums such as Arise, Chaos A.D. and Roots respectively but without losing their tribal progressive edge of current Sepultura.

But it's halfway through the album starting with track "Raging Void" where things start to get really interesting.

Experimental ideas such as oddly timed tribal rhythms, choirs and acoustic guitars see a more dominant return on the next five tracks but done in such a way that proves the current line-up is a force to be reckoned with. "Guardians of Earth" is easily one of Sepultura's best songs ever written, the guitar solo alone could give it that award with its strong emotional tone and the instrumental track "The Pentagram" further shows the writing ability is relentless enough to stand on its own without vocals.

The last two closing tracks show a much more drastic change with most of Derrick Green's vocals being sung instead of being screamed which is quite unexpected after the ferocity of everything that came before it but there is no denying songs like "Agony of Defeat" don't straight up demand your respect with its heavy arrangements and hooky vocals.

Overall Sepultura's 15th album "Quadra" is definitely a standout in their discography and an excellent way to start the year.

SEPULTURA release their new album QUADRA on 7th Febraury via Nuclear Blast.

Pre order here : https://music.apple.com/au/album/quadra/1485593522

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