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[Review] Polaris – The Death Of Me

Review : Benjamin Coe New South Welsh outfit Polaris have quickly become a household name in the metalcore scene, not just on our home turf but also around the globe,and listening to their sophomore release, The Death Of Me, it’s easy to see why. Combining technical guitar riffs with deep, heartfelt vocals and soaring melodies, the boys from South Sydney bring their own unique blend to the table and have crafted something truly magnificent.

Spending the last 2 years touring relentlessly on the back of their critically acclaimed debut album, The Mortal Coil, Polaris somehow found time to write and record the eagerly awaited follow up album and boy did they have their work cut out for them.

Opening with the powerful Pray For Rain, The Death Of Me takes you straight into the depths of the mind of principle songwriter and drummer Daniel Furnari. The lyrical content on this album is rather bleak stemming notably from touring the world and opening themselves up to the current state of the world in which we live. It becomes apparent that a lot of the problems we face here in the land down under are also present the world over. Musically, this album is a major step up from The Mortal Coil, seemingly taking the best parts of what they’ve previously done and expanding brilliantly on the technicality of the guitar riffs and the construction of their soundscapes.

This is not your typical paint-by-numbers metalcore album by any means. Each track rings in your ears differently, whether it’s the full on assault of the aptly titled Hypermania or the slow burning soft charm of Martyr (Waves) which sees frontman Jamie Halls’ ferocious screams taking a back seat to bassist Jake Steinhauser’s crooning melodies, there’s always a surprise around the corner right the way up until closing track The Descent. The latter track probably has the most crushing riff work on display here and showcases just how punishing Polaris’ sound can be.

Tracks like Vagabond (just quietly, check Ryan Siew’s short but sweet solo at the 3:44 mark, you’re welcome) and Above My Head show off more rock-oriented sound complete with sing-along choruses all the while retaining that heaviness the boys are known and loved for. They never stray too far left of center with their experiments in sound but they have just enough diversity across the album to hopefully win them a slew of new fans. For the more ‘metal’ fans out there tracks like Hypermaniaand latest single Landmine will have you banging your head and pumping your fists in the air, these two tracks would translate especially well into a live arena and no doubt incite a circle pit or two.

Defiantly raising a middle finger to the dreaded ‘sophomore slump’, Polaris are steadily cementing themselves as mainstays in the heavy music scene across the globe. If you like good, passionate, heavy music then The Death Of Me is most certainly worth your time and attention. An epic accomplishment from front to back, ‘nuff said.

The Death Of Me is out February 21st and is available for pre-order  HERE.

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