[Review] Our Last Enemy - ‘The Holy Ones’

Review : Dan Maynard

Sydney based industrial veterans Our Last Enemy have just recently released their first single in 8 years, 'Never Coming Back'. The recent release was fueled with a dark thrashy overtone while deep down kept to the bands industrial origins. Their latest single ‘The Holy Ones' comes as a counter to that, showing a more mature creeping demonic side of the band and boy do they do the genre justice with this one.

The shadowy fiendish track haunts the listener, incarcerating you with a feeling of hell and evil, you can't help but be sucked in by the dreary backing synths and driving bass line. Just as you feel comfortable in the midst of the verse, the boys smash you in the face with an unexpected punch of aggression, anger and a down right heavy as f*** chorus that takes the track to another level.

One of the more notable qualities of the song is the consistent building of layers and walls of sound. The further into The Holy Ones you get, the more intense and ball grabbing it becomes. On top of all that, vocalist Oliver Fogwell shows just how big his range is through the track, complimenting the song by matching it's tone in every aspect. Going for a gloomy and almost sadistic tone in his vocals through the verses, going on to be just as equally heavy and titanic as the instruments deliver in the chorus.

Not one single element of this track is out of place. Our Last Enemy is here to prove to the world that they have a new monstrous energy to share with us. If the last two singles are anything to go by, any future material is going to be nothing short of mind blowing.

OUR LAST ENEMY - ‘The Holy Ones' is OUT NOW

Order it HERE: https://lnk.to/ourlastenemytho

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