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[REVIEW] Lovebites - Electric Pentagram

Review : Shane Smith

Another year, another Lovebites album. With no sign of slowing down in any way the girls are back with their 3rd album "Electric pentagram".

Once again, the go-to genres for this band are thrash metal, power metal, speed metal and new wave of British heavy metal but this time executed with much more aggression and confidence.

"Thunder vengeance" starts off the album with straight up thrash and then follows it up with the symphonic speed metal track "holy war" before leading into the epic maiden-esque song "golden destination".

It’s very evident from the get go that these ladies aren’t messing around at all this time,

With their love for 80’s era metal and shredding expertise, Lovebites deliver each hard hitting track like a smack to the face.

For the most part, it's an all out energetic headbanging ride with a couple of slightly slower tracks like "A frozen serenade" blended in, proving that they can reach epic heights through their masterful arrangements at any pace they choose.

Originally a trained R’nB singer before joining the band, Asami's vocals compliment the bands songs with her soaring melodies and incredible harmonies as demonstrated in tracks like "dancing with the devil" and "swan song".

With expeditious drums, shredding solos and a fresh take on speed metal, It's almost as if the daughters of Megadeth, Anthrax and Iron Maiden formed a band and just released their finest hour.

A solid release from a band with a very promising future in metal and hands down my album of the year so far.

Lovebites - Electric Pentagram is OUT NOW

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