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[REVIEW] Lamb of God - 'Lamb of God'

REVIEW: Dan Maynard

Self titled is here, after having the release date put on hold and pushed back, we finally have a new Lamb of God album blasting our speakers. It's been five long years since Virginian five piece metal veterans Lamb of God released an album (excluding the more recent cover album, Legion: XX released under their preceding title Burn The Priest). 2015s VII: Sturm Und Drang saw the band in a new form, a new deep rage inside escaping through their love for music and Self titled is that and then some.

Memento Mori, the opening track opens with such a simple line and quite possibly one of the most appropriate of lines for our world right now. After a dark, bone chilling intro, vocalist Blythe screams the words "Wake up!" in the most guttural of Randy screams as the the sound that we all know and love that makes LoG who they are screams across the airwaves. The opening track sets up the entire album, it sets the tone, it sets the premise and it puts the listener in just the right mind frame to carry them through to the end.

Self titled sees LoGs most recent addition to the family make his writing debut. Art Cruz, formally of Prong and Winds of Plague shows exactly why he is the perfect fit for such a tight knit family such as Lamb of God. With Chris Adler has some huge shoes to fill, besides the fact he is an incredibly talented drummer, he has a unique style and sound that compliments Mark Morton and Willie Adlers guitar writing perfectly. Cruz has found his niche and comfortably nestled his sound into the band and he's done an amazing job.

Guitarists Morton and Adler along with bassist John Campbell have shown once again why they are some of the most prominent writers in metal right now and have been for so long. Not a single riff can be pulled away from this album, everything has it's place, everything is perfectly assembled.

One of the most notable take a ways from Self titled is Randy Blythes continuing professionalism and push to try new things. Not an album goes by where Blythe hasn't pushed himself to test new waters, whether they better minor or not. Also worth noting are the special guest appearances from Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed and Chuck Billy of Testament, two names that have a huge part in the metal world.

Personal stand out tracks include Gears, Reality Bath and closing track Off The Hook. But honestly, it's impossible to pick out a bad track or a track that even lacks anything. This album easily stands as one of the best Lamb of God releases to date. It's far from disappointing and it's looking to take title of best metal release of 2020.

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