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[Review] Drab Majesty + Lexicon + Bloom Parade | The Foundry - Brisbane 20.2.20

Review : Nev Pearce

Ever since I saw Drab Majesty open for The Black Queen early last year on their Australian tour I have been a big fan.

While my usual listening habits tend to lean towards the heavier side, Drab Majesty struck a nerve and hooked me in by tapping into my love of industrial and the late 90’s electronic era of The Smashing Pumpkins, especially with their latest album Modern Mirror which ended up in my top 5 of 2019.

Tonight’s show is being held at The Foundry in Fortitude Valley, a venue that I haven’t been to before but instantly impressed with.

It feels like it has got some real history behind it and It’s the dark and dimly lit atmosphere is the perfect setting for tonight’s show.

Opening is Brisbane’s Bloom Parade, who’s indie rock tunes remind me of a cross between Frightened Rabbit and Death Cab For Cutie.

As mentioned by singer Mitchell Manz, this is their first gig back in a year and with new guitarist Dave, if that’s the case they are doing a great job of warming up the room after a bit of time off.

I look forward to seeing these guys again sometime and checking out their recordings.

Next up are Brisbane punks Lexicon who are noisy, energetic and a lot of fun.

Frontwomen Phoebe doesn't let up for the duration of their set using the microphone cord like a prop, wrapping it around herself as the tension in each song builds.

They sound like a modernised version of 80’s punk and perfectly capture the intensity of some of those greats.

The band's drummer Ruby is also really impressive and hard-hitting, giving the band the fire to really smash through their set.

I really dig what these guys are doing and I’ve found another QLD band to add to my list to follow, top stuff!

By the time Drab Majesty is setting up the place is packed and it’s interesting to see them do their own roadie work before walking off and turning into their alter egos (something I greatly respect).

Once they return, Deb Demure and Mona D reveal themselves in their true form and glory.

Dressed in white suits, makeup and signature black glasses like beings from a more advanced planet trying their best to blend in with humans.

Opening with A Dialogue from their latest album Modern Mirror.

The droning synths shake the building and set the mood for the evening ahead.

Following it up with Kissing The Ground, The Other Side and fan favourite Oxytocin, the set flows perfectly as they continue to belt out hit after dark wave hit.

For only a two-piece they are quite a powerful force to witness, with songs like Ellipses, Everything Is Sentimental and 39 By Design translating heavier live, you can feel each beat like a punch to the chest and gets everyone moving.

Before tonight’s show, the band were struck with some terrible news that their longtime visual collaborator and friend Thomas McMahan had passed away.

This is devastating for anyone let alone a band that has to perform after hearing such sad news.

Despite this, they play to their best ability and put on a high-quality show for the fans that stand before them in admiration (much respect and condolences guys).

Drab Majesty has a way of hypnotising you into their world with their dreamlike melodies and mesmerising vocal patterns keeping you entranced for the duration of their set and singing along to tracks like Long Division and Dot In The Sky.

Before you know it the boys are saying their goodbyes with Out Of Sequence and returning for their encore of Too Soon To Tell and Not Just A Name where the show ends in a hurricane of reverberated feedback from Deb’s guitar being placed high on top of the metal-air vent above the stage.

Whatever fucking planet these guys are from, I hope they come back again soon to take us all with them because I sure as hell could go on another journey with them through their multidimensional soundscapes.

Mind-blowing stuff and a very memorable evening for all who attended.


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