REVIEW: Cradle Of Filth + Hybrid Nightmares - Metro Theatre Sydney | 8.9.19

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In 1998, the metal world was gifted a dark opus of prolific magnitude that would continue to horrify and mesmerize listeners over two decades later. English symphonic black metal leviathans, Cradle of Filth, birthed the grotesquely beautiful Cruelty and The Beast which gave listeners some seriously aphotic material to sink their teeth into. A concept album based around a very popular lady with the virgins, Countess Elizabeth Bathory, was infamously renowned for her murderous tirades and enjoyment of bathing in the blood of young ladies for eternal youth.

The murderess reportedly slaughtered over 650 people towards the end of the 15th century in a hope to keep her eternal beauty alive. For many Goth babes like myself, she quickly became an idol, so to have an entire concept album written about our favourite countess packaged in a synergy of black metal brutality and romantic gothic undertones made for a creative eargasm still felt to this day.

The romantic re-envisioning of this tale was resurrected in the flesh last night at The Metro in Sydney with Cradle playing the nostalgic album in its entirety. The necromancy of this creation raised many old fans from the cryptic soils with people traveling from all over Australia to partake in the blood filled spoils.

Genre defying Melbournites Hybrid Nightmares warmed the crowd up with a light hearted approach to their creative performance. Many jokes and warm laughs were had which took a lot of seriousness out of the air in a pleasant way and was a great way to warm the crowd up. Songs like Terra and Ashes of An Astral Winter were full of face melting riffs that were executed flawlessly. All the while the lead singer joked in between songs and then continued to heckle the crowd from the merch desk in a jovial Aussie fashion. Hybrid Nightmares were a great choice for an opening band to get people excited for the main event.

The air thickens with anticipation for the butchery ahead as Once Upon Atrocity stirs like a séance and gathers the crowd. Thirteen Autumns and a Widow grips us with haunting riffs and demonic screams as we pierce the veil between living and the dead. There is an instant rush of nostalgic memories of covens since burnt, lives since lost and castles now in rubble. The guitarists play off each other’s energy and entice the crowd as the virgins are lead to the slaughter. We are ushered into Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids and Beneath The Howling Stars with an absolutely seamless delivery. The hypnotic sway of the revellers synchronise and become one with our cult leader Dani, as he howls and screeches us through divulging our sins and giving into the forbidden fruit.

Venus in Fear sees the end of act one and the demonic den that is The Metro is transformed into a hell hole of tortured screams of ecstasy. While sipping on the blood of thy enemies we thrust our way into Desire In Violent Overture and The Twisted Nails of Faith. The smoke rises and the Countesses grip tightens around our throat while Bathory Aria, the main event in my opinion, rips our souls from our bodies and we are propelled back to a time where darkness completely drowned out the light. We finish out the final acts of the album with Portrait of the Dead Countess and Lustmord & Wargasm which leaves us all in complete awe at the sheer talent we have just witnessed tonight. Not a single moment were we not mesmerized by the exhilarating performance.

The encore bestowed upon us was full of Cradle fan favourites with a very special mention to Nymphetamine which crawled across our skin with pleasure. We end the ritual with Ghost in the Fog and it can be seen that the masses have had their fill. So many things have changed in the world since 1998, but last night was like a time capsule that swept us right back to that gothic castle of romantic bloody delights. The performance was of flawless perfection and Cradle of Filth can continue to sit proudly on their throne with their ability to put on a jaw dropping experience.

Tickets on sale now for the remaining dates :

Tuesday 10 September – The Basement, Canberra 18+

Thursday 12 September – The Studio, Auckland 18+


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