[REVIEW] Corrosion of Conformity | The Crowbar - Brisbane 08/02/2020

Review/Pics : James Schmidt

2020 is shaping up to be a massive year of gigs in Australia, so much in fact we could well be in danger of being spoiled for choice.  This is something that has always worried me a little, however, I'm pleased to be proven wrong on this as so many of the bands being brought out at the moment are selling out venues across the country.  Tonight was no exception with the Crowbar absolutely JAMMED with punters even before the first band hit the stage, mainly due to it raining heavily at the time and there is little room outside to escape the downpour. 

The new and improved Crowbar (formally the old Brightside) are now able to offer punters a far better experience and many more vantage points to see bands.  This along with greater capacity means that going to shows at the Crowbar is even more of a pleasure than it ever was before.  Great choice and excellent move guys, keep it up! 

Right on 8:30 local 3 piece Royal Artillery take the stage.  Given the above mentioned downpour it was good to see so many people keen to check these guys out .... and man did they deliver!

The boys blew me away with their tight Zepplin via Kyuss influenced songs and the response from everyone else seems to indicate that they felt the same. Song wise and delivery wise these guys are world beaters and with the new rhythm section, there is no reason for them to not be headlining national tours in their own right very soon. 

Next up are Brisbane’s Death By Carrot.

By the time they walk out on stage the room has filled almost to capacity.

Despite the lack of guitar upfront in the mix DBC were a very tight and well-structured band who’s records I’ll probably take the time to check out in the near future.

COC have been at this game for a VERY long time and thus have a massive back catalogue to draw on.  Having not toured Australia since 2014, They have 6 full years to make up for.  

The band come crashing onto the stage to the sounds of Seven Days from the Deliverance album and the gathered lose their shit!   

What follows is 1 and a half hours of heavy southern rock with Pepper Keenan leading the band through classic song after classic song. There is barely room for breath (either from the band or the packed in, sweaty audience) as they dive straight into "Paranoid Opioid" and "Broken Man". 

I'm amazed how well the band keep their composure tonight seeing as it has been a little over a week since original drummer Reed Mullin passed, but tonight was a celebration of the band that he helped to bring to us, so it was a clearly upset Pepper that devoted a number of songs to Reed's memory tonight.  Everyone in the place was right there with the guys on stage, sad times indeed! 

Before we knew it the guys were saying their goodbyes before coming back out to deliver crushing versions of "Born Again for the Last Time" and "Clean My Wounds".  

There were so many more classic songs that could have been included tonight that I would have loved to have heard, but there is only so much time that they could be on stage.  At the end of the day COC came, saw and delivered. What a great show. 


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