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[REVIEW] Combichrist + Darkcell + New Clear Vision | The Brightside - Brisbane 03.10.19

By : Nev Pearce

It’s been 7 long years since Combichrist last visited Australia.

For any fan, this feels like an eternity so as soon as it got announced, there was a definite cause for celebration that the aggrotech industrial heroes would be back to destroy Aussie stages in support of their latest album ‘One Fire’.

Reuniting with them on the run are their Australian tour buddies Darkcell, who had supported the guys on previous visits and are no stranger to tours like this around the world, making this a must-see double bill.

Tonight’s show is being held at The Brightside in Brisbane.

It’s dark, evil church type vibe is the perfect setting for the chaos that is about to storm the venue tonight and if it’s anything like the last time Combi’ came to town, then fans better prepare themselves.

Opening support comes from Sunshine Coast Nu Metal band New Clear Vision, who recently played a memorable set at this year’s Wallapalooza festival.

The bands hazard suited stage personas are entertaining to watch and they deliver a set that gets the early punters moving to their heavy grooves and beat down riffs.

Up next is Australia’s own industrial nightmare machine’s Darkcell, who have built up a cult-like following of their own.

Kicking off with Reign Of The Monsters and Godless, the band waste no time smashing through their extremely heavy, high energy and perfectly selected set, barely leaving the fans in the pit a moment to catch their breath.

Their mix blasts through the venues PA and is perfectly executed by Australian sound legend Chippy, who is a master at his craft and with their powers combined make the place shake like the apocalypse.

Ending with Preacher, this was definitely one of the most memorable sets I have seen from these guys and are sure to dominate the remaining stages on the tour.

Now I’ve been a fan of Combichrist for many years and seen them every time they have come out in several different venues.

Each time they have impressed me with not only how insanely tight they are but also how heavy as fuck they sound live.

As the house lights lower and This Shit Will Fuck You Up plays through the PA as an introduction, the excitement in the room is electric with the built-up tension of many years of waiting for their triumphant return.

Now I am not one who usually throws down in the pit these days, but tonight I opted to make the most of it by throwing my personal belongings to a mate and heading to the front to experience the brutal shit storm first hand and how it is intended.

Opening with Hate Like Me from One Fire they hit the stage with explosive fury and confidence, quickly following it up with Never Surrender and Shut Up and Swallow.

Andy LaPlegua is one hell of a frontman, I’d even go as far to argue that he is one of the best and most underrated in the heavy music genre.

Charismatic and intimidating, Andy makes it his mission to get every damn person in the room to bend and move at his will, even a couple of stubborn bystanders to the side of the stage get a serving and end up participating in the madness.

Andy’s band are one of the tightest groups of highly skilled musicians around.

New drummer, Dane White is an absolute beast behind the kit while percussionist Will Spodnick is not only incredibly entertaining to watch, but also just as impressive when it comes to locking in beat for beat with White.

LaPlegua’s His left-hand man Eric 13’s guitar playing also adds extra dimension and personality to the songs that you don’t hear on the records.

Combine all of these together with the electronic sampled elements of the band and you have one of the heaviest and most entertaining live shows on the planet.

As for the setlist itself, we are treated to a selection of some of the best Combi’ has to offer.

Throat Full of Glass, Can’t Control and Follow The Trail of Blood are a hard-hitting triple threat while others like Blut Royale, Get Your Body Beat and What The Fuck Is Wrong With You are the definite classic highlights of any Combi set alongside other deep cuts and fan favourites like They and No Redemption.

They have hit that point in their career where they have an extensive catalogue to choose from but it is obvious that this set has been carefully crafted for the fans that have waited so long to see them again and no one walked away disappointed.

In my own personal opinion, Combichrist is the greatest live band around and I would go to every damn show on this tour if time and funds would have allowed it.

Let’s just hope that it won’t be far too long before we see the boys in Australia again as that was hands down one of the best shows of the year.

Tickets for the remaining show can be purchased at

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