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Review : Nev Pearce

Every so often a band comes along that takes all expectations and throws them out the window, that one band in particular is Code Orange.

After seeing them live at Download Festival in Sydney last year I was instantly won over. They are by far one of the most violent, no bullshit bands I have witnessed live and left such a strong impression on me that I had them on repeat for weeks after, especially their last record ‘Forever’.

Code Orange are a band that is difficult to pin down into any specific sub genre.

They take all the elements of metal, punk, hardcore, industrial and ambient noise and throw it all together into one big hate fueled melting pot and produce their own unique sound, something that is incredible rare in this day and age where it seems everything has been done.

The band are about to drop their much anticipated follow up ‘Underneath’ on March 13 and to really sum it up this is not a nice friendly record.

It’s a filthy distorted look into the darkest spaces of the human mind and exposes all of it as if you are baring witness to some terrifying underground experiment, challenging you and dragging you down into its depths from the very start.

Opening with the atmospheric intro sample Deeperthanbefore and then leading into the latest single Swallowing The Rabbit Whole with its ominous piano verses and hardcore driven riffs, the record really kicks things off with a bang.

In Fear is a glitched out throw down while You And You Alone is an all out assault that ramps up the intensity and aggression.

The album also credits Industrial master Chris Vrenna (Tweaker/Nine Inch Nails/ Marilyn Manson) with some programming and you can definitely hear his influences blended throughout with keyboardist Shade’s masterful work which I found insanely cool being a big fan of Vrenna’s own material.

The band as a whole have really cranked things up a notch from the songwriting, riffs, beat downs to harsh and melodic vocals, delivering some amazing hooky memorable choruses like in Who I Am and The Easy Way that will no doubt be great live in the future and balances out the aggressive drive of the album.

Other stand outs are Last Ones Left, Back Inside The Glass and the massive closing title track Underneath, which I had on loop for days when it was released as a single.

Savage, unnerving, terrifying, brutal, disturbing and at times beautifully confronting, Underneath is a true triumph for heavy music in general, it proves that it is still possible to push metal into uncharted territory and give the listener an experience rather than just background noise for your daily commute or trip to the gym, only you might just want to sleep with the light on for a few nights after as it is guaranteed to get under your skin and bury its way into your brain like a nightmarish fever dream.

Total brutal masterpiece.

Code Orange - Underneath is out March 13 via Roadrunner Records

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