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[Review] Bury Tomorrow - 'Cannibal'

Review : Nev Pearce Despite 2020 being an incredibly tough year for bands, artists and industry folk we have had some incredible creative output and releases that have been a cut above in quality than previous years and we have only just hit the halfway point.

One of those releases is Cannibal, the sixth studio album by British metalcore legends Bury Tomorrow and it is hands down one of the best damn albums of the year so far.

The record kicks off incredibly strong with Choke, which sees the band take their signature sound of stomping riffs and soaring guitar melodies to a whole new level and with a chorus that will be stuck in your head for days and really sets the tone for what follows. This is followed up with another banger, the title track Cannibal which is not only catchy as fuck but a bonafide instant classic and sounds as if it was written for bigger venues and arenas, something that this album is sure to catapult the band towards as soon as they start touring again. Not only do these guys know how to write big epic brutal tunes but there is something magical in the combination of front man Daniel Winter-Bates and guitarist/clean vocalist Jason Cameron’s trading vocal lines which is reminiscent of a much heavier Alexisonfire and something that I absolutely love, it gives the tracks so much weight and atmosphere and a formula that they execute flawlessly especially in tracks like The Grey, and Gods & Machines.

The album also has riffage for days with tracks like The Agonist, Dark,Infinite showing off their shredding skills and my personal favorite Quake which is the most deceptive of all the tracks beginning as a slower emotionally driven number and then hammers you with a heavy as fuck drop. The production is also super impressive and doesn’t get messy or too compressed when you turn it up in the car, it’s a massive step up from their previous releases and shows that they have taken every opportunity to build on their sound and carefully craft not only the songs themselves but everything from production and flow as well. Bury tomorrow deserve the respect due to them and are much more than the metalcore sub genre genre they are lumped into. This is a band that despite the current world climate have risen above and delivered a ridiculously amazing record that was worth the wait and will be a go to in their catalogue for years to come.

Bury Tomorrow‘s 'Cannibal is out now via Music For Nations / Sony Music Australia. Order HERE:

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