[Review] Between the Buried and Me + The Omnific | The Triffid Brisbane 28.02.20

REVIEW : James Schmidt

Between the Buried and Me (BTB&M) are a fan's band. You can't be a casual listener, you need to sit down and pay close attention. If you don't, you'll miss something important, or you will be left scratching your head after a particularly crazy time change. That is to say, they demand the listener's attention at all times, either live or on disc (yes I still buy CD’s, get off my lawn).

So it was on a particularly boggy sweaty night, the Triffid filled with BTB&M fans to witness another master class of modern prog. I'd like to take a moment here to point out how happy I was that they were playing at the Triffid, hands down the BEST mid sized venue in Brisbane, They are well aware of the climate here and the need for COLD air conditioning,

First up were The Omnific .... ok, so, let me catch my breath here.... GOD DAMN! I was honestly not expecting to be blown away that much!

These guys are AMAZING.  I'm generally not a fan of instumental bands filled with vertuoso musicians, (The Hazards of Swimming Naked are an exception to this rule) but The Omnific were simply stunning.  The band consists of 2 bass players, a drummer and a backing track. Each member of the band is simply on fire!

Not a note out of place, incredibly tight and really catchy.

I really can't say enough good things about these guys, if you get the chance check them out I highly recommend it.

Tonight will be the second time I have seen BTB&M, and if the first time was anything to go by, this time will truly be something special.

The set is a 2 part performance consisting of tracks that span their entire 20 year career. Right from the get go, the band spare no time messing around diving head long into "Astral Body" from the Parralax 2 album and the crowd's collective jaws hit the floor.  With very little banter BTB&M plowed through "Lay your Ghosts to Rest" , "Alaska" and "More of Myself to Kill" before stopping to say "Hi", briefly, before heading back in to prog heaven with "The Coma Machine" and "Mirrors".

The crowd at this point were starting to get well and truly warmed up and small moshes break out all over the venue, (well as much as you can to a band the is constantly taking left turns).  It never ceases to amaze me how these guys can fit so many genre's in to each song, turning from smooth jazz sections, to blasting grind, quirky prog, straight up Thrash and weird as hell Mr Bungle style passages.

As I mentioned earlier, BTB&M are a fan's band, and their fan base is very loyal.

Singing along to every song and standing in rapt amazement that they can pull off 2 full sets of complex and intricate prog/metal/jazz/spaz brilliance.

After more than 2 hours of great music we all spill out into the soupy night air and revel in our ringing ears. Absolutely perfect show and a brilliant venue.

Until next time boys!


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