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Live Review and Gallery : Lagwagon + Flangipanis + The Cutaways |The Triffid

In these uncertain times, you have to find something that excites your soul. With governments worldwide putting a stop to events with more that 500 people in attendance and many bands cancelling tours, it was good to get out of the house before all these restrictions take hold and the live music scene winds down for the foreseeable future (let's hope it's all done and dusted sooner rather than later). What better way, than to get along to a punk rock show. Tonight's headliners, the one and only Lagwagon

The Triffid is the perfect venue to play host to punk bands. It's open enough and has such a positive vibe that it's easy to forget the worries of the world here. Leading off proceedings are Brisbane four-piece The Cutaways. Their heavy riffs and massive bass lines are a great start to the night and the vocals of front woman Emmy perfectly complement their sound. Definitely want to see this band again. 

Flangipanis have a great following and it's easy to see why. This is Brisbane punk at it's best. Hard, fast, catchy as fuck tunes. You can't help but smash your feet around and throw all inhibitions out the window. Known for not being PC at all (which is brilliant, in my opinion), Flangipanis front woman Jodie screams to the crowd "THIS IS A SONG ABOUT ANAL SEX!", to which the crowd goes nuts for. There's so much personal moshing going on it's hard to tell where the actual 'pit' is. This band does the greatest job at revving the crowd up and they leave the stage with what i'm pretty sure is a LOT of new fans. 

It's been 5 long years since we've had The Wagon touch our shores but Joey and the boys waste no time getting down to business. Busting open their set with 'The Suffering' from their latest album 'Railer', the lads show why they are a staple of the modern punk scene. The discography of Lagwagon is plentiful, so it's hard to compose a setlist that encompasses everything that fans want to hear. Diving head first into hit after hit, the crowd goes nuts for everything on offer. It's great to see such a coming together of people under current circumstances to enjoy some fucking good live music. As they launch into 'Violins' it's easy to see that their album 'Hoss' is very high up on the fan favourite list (truth be told, it's the album that i found out about them as well). 

There's so many brilliant songs coming out tonight that it makes me thankful that these guys have come out for a headline tour. Everything from 'Mr Coffee' off debut album 'Duh', through to 'Surviving California' off the aforementioned latest release 'Railer' is getting a spin tonight and everything in between. Getting to hear 'May 16' in a live setting will never get old. The song is truly brilliant. But closing out their set with 'Razor Burn' really took me by surprise but satisfied every inch of my being as it's a song that i love so much. 

When it comes to encores, I always wonder how the band picks out the two to three songs that they feel will perfectly close out the show. 'Double Plaidinum' is a massive album and definately cemented them as royalty in the punk scene, so it's fitting that they come back out on stage to smash out 'Alien 8' and 'Making Friends' back to back. Closing out the encore with 'Stoking the Neighbours' is a fitting end to this show with many fans left absolutely satisfied by every song that was blasted through their eardrums. So many people will be sore in the morning but it was all worth it just to spend an evening in the presence of modern punk royalty. 

All aboard the Lagwagon!!!!!

All images (C) JD Punisher Photography

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