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[INTERVIEW] Pablo Davila from IRIST talks debut album 'ORDER OF THE MIND'

Updated: Apr 4

By : Nev Pearce

IRIST are a band that are soon to be making a name for themselves in the metal world.

Since forming in 2015 and coming to the attention of legendary A&R guru Monte Conner, the band had been hard at work behind the scenes carving their path and writing their debut album 'ORDER OF THE MIND' which dropped to critical acclaim on March 27 through Nuclear Blast, showcasing a musical maturity and focus rarely seen by new groups that have been together for five years.

In the midst of the Covid-19 lock down, we caught up with IRIST guitarist Pablo Davila for the Everblack Podcast to talk about the debut record 'ORDER OF THE MIND' and the journey to it's creation, the origins of the band name, being signed to Nuclear Blast by Monte Conner, staying creative and more!


IRIST was formed in the summer of 2015 by Pablo Davila (guitar) and best friend Bruno Segovia (bass). Originally from Argentina and Chile, respectively, both members of IRIST grew up in musical households. Davila, for instance, heard everything from PINK FLOYD to salsa legend Willie Colón. Likewise, Segovia experienced a similar range, from Víctor Jara to DEEP PURPLE. But what really set off the duo’s imagination was witness to SEPULUTRA’s meteoric rise from Belo Horizonte to the world stage. Indeed, they thought: if SEPULTURA had smashed the door into bits by sheer weight of their music alone, then IRIST could too. Quickly, the twosome brought on fellow Atlantans Adam Mitchell (guitar) and Jason Sokolic (drums). But IRIST wouldn’t become IRIST until vocalist Rodrigo Carvalho (vocals), a Brazilian, joined the fold. It was then, after measured improvement as songwriters and an extended courtship with Monte Conner, that IRIST inked the Nuclear Blast deal and the rest is history.

IRIST - 'ORDER OF THE MIND' is out now through Nuclear Blast

Get it HERE:

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