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[Interview] Nic Maeder from GOTTHARD talks new album #13

By James Schmidt

Over the past 30 years, Gotthard have risen to become one of the most respected bands to ever come out of Switzerland.  With over 3 million albums sold worldwide Gotthard are on the verge of releasing their 13th studio album aptly titled ’#13".

We recently spoke to vocalist Nick Maeder who, after joining the band close to 10 years ago has become an integral part of the band's success over the intervening years. Nick also talks about his early years playing in bands around Melbourne and how old school rock seems to not get the respect it deserves in Australia, how the band uses their home studio and beautiful surroundings to craft great rock n roll and the next steps for an almost 30-year-old band.

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After starting 28 years ago in Ticino, the multi-platinum rockers have more than earned their spot amongst the top of the pile. And now, after 16 #1 albums, over three million records sold worldwide and numerous global awards, one would expect Leoni, Lynn, Habegger, Scherer and Maeder to take a little time off. No chance. With more than 2000 live shows all over the world and countless headlining tours under their belts, GOTTHARD show no sign of exhaustion and announce the follow-up for their successful acoustic-album ‘Defrosted 2’. A brand-new album, that proves that this band still have so much Rock’n’Roll left to give. Their 13th studio album is simply titled #13, a deliberately understated title for a record that needs no further explanation.

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