INTERVIEW : Jonas Renkse from Bloodbath

Classic UK Death Metal institution Bloodbath will annihilate Sydney and Melbourne audiences this weekend as they headline the very first Southern Slaughter Festival. Brought to you by Overdrive Touring, Southern Slaughter features one of 2019’s most brutal line-ups. Bloodbath ride the wave of gore flowing from their latest album ‘The Arrow of Satan is Drawn,’ and will bring all their renewed passion and vigour Down Under.

Our very own Kyla Scrivener had the chance to ask the legendary Jonas Renkse a few questions ahead of the tour to get his thoughts on their success, their first trip down under and the latest album The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn”.

Congratulations on a very successful last 12 months of shows and touring. You’ve done The European Apocalypse Tour with greats like Kreator, Dimmu Borgir & Hatebreed, then 70000 Tons of Metal and & Domination Festival in Mexico (just to name a few). What have been the highlights for you guys personally over the last twelve months?

A lot of nice stuff, for sure. The tour we did was cool since it was our first, and so was playing Mexico for the first time. 

We are very excited to have you all on our shores as Bloodbath for the first time. We have nearly two decades worth of material to devour! What should Aussies expect set-list wise?

A bit of focus on the latest album, but a lot of fan favourites as well!

Should we get excited for new logo merchandise too? The new logo design change by Travis Smith looks incredible. Was there much thought/decision behind that change?

It’s just an alternative logo. He came up with it and it’s cool but we haven’t used it much. 

You recently got a new guitar player, Tomas Åkvik, who replaced Joakim Karlsson. Is he settling in nicely?

Absolutely. He was playing with us before Joakim joined, so we have great chemistry already. 

One of the best things about death metal, in my opinion, is your ability to really do whatever you want musically with very few parameters as compared to other metal genres. With the ebb and flow of members, do you ever find it tricky to keep consistent with the Bloodbath sound, or is that the fun of it? Do you find that there is a new musical influence added to the Bloodbath sound every time you have a member change?

It’s fun to have different personnel to a degree. Bloodbath was never intended to be a ”real” band, but now that we pretty much are a real band I think it’s better to keep a steady line up. 

The most recent album “The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn” had some legendary guest vocals from the likes of Jeff Walker from Carcass, John Walker from Cancer and Karl Willets from Memoriam/formally of Bolt Thrower. I know it might be too soon to speculate about a new album, but do you have any ideas in mind of other death metal heavyweights that you would like to work with potentially in the future?

Yeah, it is a bit early for that. For me personally, my dream guest already did his work with us on Grand Morbid Funeral - Chris Reifert from Autopsy!

Should we expect anything special for the 20th anniversary next year? Surely seeing as none of you expected Bloodbath to take off the way that it has, it could be worth a celebration?

No plans as of now but they can surely arise when the time is right.

Well, thank you again for talking to us. We hope you enjoy your tour here and we cannot wait!

Cheers! See ya soon!



Saturday 14 September

Bloodbath (UK)

In Malice’s Wake

Rise of Avernus

Anno Domini

Immorium (ACT)

Claret Ash



Sunday 15 September

Bloodbath (UK)

In Malice’s Wake



Cryptic Abyss



Tickets on Sale: 12:00pm AEST Friday 19th April

Tickets From: Melbourne: https://bit.ly/2OYs59T Sydney: https://bit.ly/2X33VOC


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