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INTERVIEW: Dregen from Backyard Babies talks Australian tour and more!

The Backyard Babies have been kicking now for over 30 years, starting as a high school rock band and building to one of Sweden's most revered bands. On the release of their latest album Sliver and Gold, James Schmidt had the chance to talk to one of his musical heroes, Guitarist Dregen, who not only founded the Backyard Babies, but also with the help of Mr Niki Anderson, formed The Helecopters, but still more Dregen has played with rock n roll royalty as the guitarist for Michael Monroe AND heading up his own solo project. ... DOES HE NEVER SLEEP?

Check out the interview HERE :

For 30 years, BACKYARD BABIES has delivered top of the line dirty rock 'n' roll, both live and recorded. The fact that the original four guys that started the band still are playing together, is next to unique. Now for the first time in over a decade, BACKYARD BABIES are touring Australia thanks to Silverback Touring.

In 1989 childhood friends Peder Carlsson, Dregen and Johan Blomquist were joined by Nicke Borg and BACKYARD BABIES was born.

The 80's was a decade where many dreamt of a rock star life and for most that is exactly what it remains to be – a dream, however vivid. But BACKYARD BABIES understood that it requires hard work, ‘’persistent nagging” and a lot of networking to reach the absolute top. The ambition was set high from the very start. They enter a pact - they will breakup with their girlfriends and focus all their energy on the band. They will move to Sweden's capital, Stockholm. The goal is crystal clear - BACKYARD BABIES shall succeed. They will be rock stars.

The band quickly builds a life consisting of intense repetition and equally intense partying, whether it's a weekday or weekend. In Stockholm's nightlife, they develop new contacts and one thing leads to another. BACKYARD BABIES finally sign a record contract with Megarock Records and in 1994, they release their debut album - aptly titled "Diesel & Power”.

Fast forward to 2019 and 7 albums later, the band recently released their latest album ’Silver And Gold’ it is energetic and powerful, the band prove that they´re in better shape than ever and most certainly have enough material to last the coming 30 years.

Backyard Babies and the Casanovas Australian Tour Dates:

Friday 4 October - Sydney - Manning Bar

Saturday 5 October - Melbourne - Max Watts

Sunday 6 October - Brisbane - Woolly Mammoth


On sale: NOW



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