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Fredrik Åkesson from Opeth talks 'In Cauda Venenum' and Australian Tour

Sweden’s OPETH are preparing to release their most important record to date with In Cauda Venenum out on September 27th Via Nuclear Blast.

The band will also be making their return down under in December for a run of shows to once again blow peoples minds with their epic stage show and selections from their critically acclaimed back catalogue and of course new record!

We sat down with Fredrik Åkesson from Opeth on the Everblack Podcast to talk about their new amazing album 'In Cauda Venenum', the swedish and english versions and the Soundgarden influence, their upcoming Australian tour, Opeth beer, almost being eaten by sharks and more!

Check it out HERE:

In Cauda Venenum« was written surreptitiously by Åkerfeldt when he was scheduled for sabbatical after the Sorceress record cycle. Tired of Gantt charts, milestones, and other Project Management Office essentials presented by management, he told his handlers it was high time for break from OPETH and its many and varied responsibilities. They complied. Almost immediately, however, Åkerfeldt was holed up in his studio, Junkmail, writing music by himself without pressure or influence. Ultimately, the OPETH songman wanted a return to the old days—think Orchid through Blackwater Park when writing music was a creative endeavor not a factor in the business equation of being in a full-time, internationally recognized band. Described as more fun than spadework, the writing sessions were eventually exposed to the rest of the band and management. They were into Åkerfeldt’s newest creations but before anyone had a word in edgewise, In Cauda Venenum was, more or less, in the proverbial bag. The only thing that remained the same was Åkerfeldt writing and performing in his aging studio.

OPETH - "Hjärtat Vet Vad Handen Gör" / "Heart In Hand" (OFFICIAL VISUALIZER TRACK)

The idea to craft In Cauda Venenum entirely in Swedish originated while Åkerfeldt was driving his kids to school. He challenged the concept, weighed the risks and rewards, and ultimately came away with the direction he needed: OPETH’s next record would be entirely in Swedish. Precedent, after all, had been established. The special edition of 2008’s Watershed included a cover rendition of Swedish singer Marie Fredriksson’s ‘Den Ständiga Resan,’ on which sings Åkerfeldt sings in Swedish. Then again, an entire OPETH record in Swedish was not only a first-time event, but a brave marketing move to single out the band’s predominantly English-only fanbase and indeed, all but two countries—Sweden and Finland—do not speak, read, and understand Swedish. Undeterred, Åkerfeldt continued on, writing the scenic ‘Ingen Sanning Äralla’ (‘Universal Truth’) first. The rest of In Cauda Venenum, in Swedish, came as smoothly as a glass of glögg down the gullet. That an English version awaited was a no-brainer.


Indeed, In Cauda Venenum will give fans a choice. Swedish or English. But maybe it’s not the language after all that bewitches. From the Tangerine Dream-like opener ‘Livet's Trädgård’ (‘Garden of Earthly Delights’) to the epic closer ‘Allting Tar Slut’ (‘All Things Will Pass’), the new OPETH record is riveting, a musical score to an unreleased film, existing only in Åkerfeldt’s head as directed by Werner Herzog. To wit, tracks like ‘Svekets Prins’ (‘Dignity’), ‘Minnets Yta’ (‘Lovelorn Crime’), and ‘Banemannen’ (‘The Garroter’) are artful and melancholic yet high-spirited and uncomplicated in their sway forward. In many respects, it’s almost as if the film projector’s clicky hum is in the background while some shadowy figure sits in a chair smoking a cigarette. To put it actual terms, In Cauda Venenum resides somewhere between yet beyond Scott Walker’s Scott 3, THE BEATLES’ Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and JUDAS PRIEST’s Sad Wings of Destiny. It’s heavy mental, just with Swedish thoughts and motivations.

'In Cauda Venenum' Pre-sale Link:

Tour Dates:

Adelaide - Tuesday 10 December - Thebarton Theatre

Perth - Wednesday 11 December - Astor Theatre

Melbourne - Friday 13 December - Palais Theatre

Sydney - Saturday 14 December - State Theatre

Brisbane - Sunday 15 December - Tivoli Theatre

Ticket link here:

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