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Cattle Decapitation + Revocation + Descent | The Tivoli - Brisbane | 13.02.20 [Review]

Review : Nev Pearce

Even though I think we have been very spoiled for tours of late there was one in particular that put the internet into a frenzy as soon as it was announced, Cattle Decapitation and Revocation.

Not only were tickets selling at an alarming rate, but it quickly saw the original Brisbane venue sell out and upgraded to the outdoor Brightside stage and then moved once again last minute to the Tivoli due to the insane amount of rain forecast for the night.

This was an excellent decision by the touring company Destroy All Lines and welcomed by the many fans heading to the gig.

Tonight’s opening support comes from Brisbane’s own Descent, who I have seen support a couple of bigger acts like Code Orange and Cult Leader over the last year and they have impressed me each time.

With their slamming feedback-drenched riffs the bands set feels short and straight to point, leaving a lasting impression with those who rocked up early.

Descent is a band to keep an eye on and will no doubt be headlining their own tours in venues like this in the near future.

Revocation are without a doubt one of the bands on the forefront of technical death metal and have a very dedicated fan base of their own.

By the time they hit the stage, the room is packed with rabid metalheads happy to be out of the rain and ready to unleash the week's frustrations and throw down with their brutal heroes.

Led by master shredder and vocalist David Davidson, the band have been trekking around the world in support of their most reason offering The Outer Ones, destroying stages everywhere they go.

Hitting hard with jaw-dropping technical precision, Revocation has the place instantly moving and really get things going early on.

One of the most impressive aspects of their set is the use of dual vocals, with both Davidson and guitarist Dan Gargiulo overlapping and interweaving screams and growls while still managing to play without missing a note.

A circle pit opens up in the middle of Madness Opus and ramps up for Existence Is Futile which gets the pit going even harder.

It seems that as their set progresses the more mental the fans become and you can see the Revo’ boys feeding back off that energy.

‘We didn’t come here to fuck spiders mate!’ proclaims Davidson as they tear into Of Unworldly Origin with face-melting fury.

Ending with Communion, Revocation sure as hell didn’t come to have sexual relations with any of our native arachnids, what they did come to do was to prove once again they are one of the best bands of their genre.

Cattle Decapitation are a band I have been a fan of for a while but previous times they have toured here I have sadly missed them.

Tonight though, hell or high water (which was almost the case) I would be seeing them.

By the time they hit the stage the place is packed tight and going bat shit crazy.

Kicking off their set with The Geocide from their latest album Death Atlas, Cattle Decapitation are loud, disgusting, brutal and one of the tightest live acts I have ever seen.

These boys have been doing this a very long time and have perfected their craft to an intimidating level.

Frontman Travis Ryan is an unstoppable force as he growls, shrieks and contorts his voice and body like a man possessed.

What Travis achieves vocally is almost inhuman and after witnessing him live I can say that he is one of the best metal vocalists and frontmen of all time.

You can’t deny that Cattle Decapitation’s Death Atlas is a game-changer and tracks like Bring Back The Plague and One Day Closer to the End of the World translate even better live and sit perfectly along with other classic Cattle songs like Forced Gender Reassignment and Plagueborne.

Their stage show is also simple but extremely impressive.

Their use of lighting along with samples and giant logo backdrop really set the tone and take you to what feels like an apocalyptic gathering.

Another thing about these guys is that they also seem to be getting better with age.

Where a lot of death metal bands can get ‘stuck’ in their sound, Cattle Decapitation seem to progress with every record and you can hear it through the flow of the band's setlist.

Ending with tracks Death Atlas, Manufactured Extinct and Kingdom Of Tyrants, these kings of modern death metal definitely conquered and left everyone screaming for more.

Going by the reactions of the fans leaving the show it was pretty damn memorable and it never ceases to amaze me how the most brutal disgusting music can bring people together like no other genre.

It should also be noted that for a band who sings about plagues, destruction and the end of mankind, they went out of their way to put together a special fundraiser for the Cobargo Wildlife Sanctuary, something that should see them become honorary Australians for their heartfelt efforts and welcome back anytime they choose.

This evening’s gig will go down as one of the best shows I have ever been to and if I had the money and time, I’d be getting my arse on a plane to one of the other dates and doing it all over again.

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