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Architects + Polaris + While She Sleeps - Fortitude Music Hall 08/08/2019

Architects - Fortitude Music Hall 08/08/2019

writer : James Schmidt

Architects had always been a band that flew a little under my radar

for quite some time, I was aware of them but had never really checked

them out until one day not too long ago when "Doomsday" appeared on my playlist but since then they have been on high rotation. To say I was impressed would be an understatement, but yea, impressed!

Anyone who knows anything about the band, would know the story of

great loss that has been central to the last few years of the band's

existence.  This is a loss they wear firmly on their sleeves and it's

impact on the band is evident through everything that they do.

Architects have fast become leaders in the modern heavy music scene

and if today's sold-out crowd is anything to go by then they will soon

be world-beaters.

When it was announced that Architects would be heading up an

impressive 3 band bill at Brisbane's newly opened Festival Music hall

I knew it was a gig not to be missed.

Opening tonight's proceedings were Sheffield band While She Sleeps,

I only managed to catch their last 3 songs as the line up to get in

stretched to the top of Brunswick St mall and snaked back down halfway

to the front door again.  Never the less, the band was firing on all

cylinders by the time I got in front of the stage, they were tight and

had the crowd eating out of their hands. I have no doubt that if they

were headlining their own tour they'd come close to selling out venues

across the country.

The crowd continued to build as Sydney's Polaris took the stage, and

boy did they take it! despite some early muddy sound issues the guys kicked some serious goals.

It's easy to see why they are one of Australia's biggest modern

heavy bands.  As the set progressed (and the guitars returned to the

mix) the band took no prisoners storming through a powerhouse set

including a few new numbers premiered here for the first time to a

rabid audience who lapped up every moment.

By the time Polaris left the stage, the audience was suitably warmed

up with a steady stream of sweaty bodies pushing towards the barriers

and punters jostling for a position either in the middle of the pit or

just to the sides as to not miss a single breakneck beat or face

shredding riff.

A capacity venue is a sight to behold anywhere you are, but the new

Fortitude Music Hall is something special,  This place is put simply

awesome, think of how great The Triffid is but it's sized to

accommodate 3k people, add a great bar set up, AWESOME PA and great

acoustics, you have the perfect venue.

So when a world-class act like Architects hit the stage, they are able

to take full advantage of all that's available to them.

The band open with "Death is not Defeat" and the now crammed crowd

loses their collective shit.  Architects appear as silhouettes in

front of an ever-moving projection never staying still but unless they

are talking directly to us, we don't often see much more of the band.

This really gives us the chance to totally focus on the music and the

passion it is delivered with.

"Modern Misery" follows on in the same vein and despite the same sound

problems that initially affect Polaris' set very little of their power

is lost (perhaps a little bit of the colour to their sound is lost

but, if you know their songs, little of this matters, plus, the issue

is fixed by the time "Nihilist" is aired.

For an hour and a half Architects has the audience in the palm of

their collective hands, Vocalist Sam takes the time to point out how

humbled he is to be able to play to us all before launching into an

epic version of "Holy Hell".  Much of their set is taken from the last

4 albums and not a dud track among them.

Despite the tragedy of the last few years, Architects have risen above

something that could otherwise have ruined any other band.  Their

music oozes with a barely restrained sadness but also with hope and

love. They give everything to their live show, because at least for

that time they are on stage, Tom is with them again.  By the time the

inevitable "Doomsday" is aired, there is not a dry eye in the house and the place explodes.

Top fucking gig. .... I pity anyone who missed it!!

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