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Since the release of their sophomore album Stranger Fruit, Zeal & Ardor have built themselves a global following that would usually take most bands a couple of years to accumulate.
In less than 12 months, mastermind Manuel Gagneux and his band have hit some of the biggest stages in the world and packed out every venue they have set foot in, so to see them on Australian shores so soon is really something special and a tour everyone jumped at getting tickets for.

For a Thursday night The Bright...

January 17, 2019

Starting off as a solo experiment of Swiss-American mastermind Manuel Gagneux in 2013, Zeal & Ardor have quickly become one of the most talked about bands on the planet since the release of 2018's Stranger Fruit, leading them to play some of the biggest festivals around the world and earning them legions of fans in the process.

Making their debut Australian appearance alongside Deafheaven at the Perth Festival in February 2019, Zeal & Ardor will then perform a string of exclusive headline show...

June 3, 2018

This Friday the new Zeal & Ardor album Stranger Fruit will finally be released giving fans the chance to finally hear what they had waited months for.
After the release of three mind blowing singles Gravediggers Chant, Waste and Built on Ashes word spread very quickly about the band and demanded the attention of the heavy music community and beyond.

In the lead up to the release of Stranger Fruit,  Nev Pearce had the chance to talk to the bands mastermind Manuel Gagneux for the Everblack Podca...

May 28, 2018

A little over a month ago I was unfamiliar with Zeal & Ardor. But after hearing the single ‘Gravediggers Chant’ I quickly became obsessed with the band and dug as deep as I could to hear and find out everything about Manuel Gagneux and his music. I was hooked and after having the first album Devil Is Fine on constant repeat for a couple of weeks I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the follow up Stranger Fruit.

Stranger Fruit takes the journey of Devil Is Fine and pushes it further with upli...

April 4, 2018

It is rare these days that an artist emerges that takes several completely different influences such as blues, gospel, soul and harsher music such as black metal, mixing them all together to create something so unique that it is almost impossible to describe as one genre.

ZEAL & ARDOR AKA Manuel Gagneux has done just that and continues to carve out his own musical path with his latest single Gravedigger's Chant from the forthcoming album Stranger Fruit, due out June 8.

A Swiss-American forme...

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