April 30, 2019

Post-Britpop pioneers Gomez are returning to Australia this year to celebrate the upcoming re-issue of their seminal 1999 album 'Liquid Skin'. They will be performing the album in full along with some of their biggest hits around Australia this November as well as a headlining slot at The Lost Lands in Melbourne to be announced soon.

Bursting out of Southport, England in 1996 as a bunch of 20-something self proclaimed music 'nerds', Gomez achieved unprecedented success with thei...

April 30, 2019

Sydney metallers, Northlane, announce the upcoming release of their fifth studio album, Alien, out August 2 via UNFD.

For a band that have traditionally focused on wider issues in the outside world, Alien is easily the most personal statement of their career. “I was raised in hell but I made it out,” says Northlane vocalist Marcus Bridge. “Raised in a place I shouldn’t have been, and no child should have been. But I’ve been able to break free.”

Remarkably, there is hope to be found, particula...

April 30, 2019

Berserkers were known for being some of the most brutal warriors in history. Tales tell of them being so enthralled by fury, that their trance like states would allow them to enter battle bare-chested with only a wolf or bear skin instead of traditional armour. They were a class of Viking warrior feared by all due to their incredible weapon skills, supernatural reflexes and their ability to utterly destroy everything and everyone in sight. With such a brutal subject to concept an album around, ...

April 28, 2019

Australia’s favourite Sludge/grind/stoner trio Black Rheno are coming back to QLD this week to play a one off special gig at Mo’s Desert Club House with The Black Swamp, Snake Mountain and Nescient.

The show comes off the back of their recent dates with King Parrot and Philip H Anselmo & the Illegals as part of the massive Thrash Blast Grind Tour which ripped and shredded around the country late last month.

Nev Pearce caught up with Ryan Miller for the Everblack Podcast to talk about the upco...

April 26, 2019

It’s rare in Australia that we get to see a triple bill of high caliber bands unless it is a festival or arena show but
tonight we are treated to three of Sweden’s most brutal and best and in one of my favourite venues The Triffid.
Despite there being another major touring act playing the other side of the valley, the Triple Bill Kill show has enough draw power to pack the room even for an early start.

Scoring the opening slot, Brisbane death metal legends Laceration Mantra are no stranger t...

The Tivoli doors are closed on arrival. Waiting in the queue outside, punters receive a pleasant surprise when the members of Sevendust stroll past. A curious murmur of recognition rises among those present, and I marvel at the civilised nature of music fans compared to years gone by. Suddenly aware of their surroundings, the band calls out reassuringly to fans, promising a swift return before vanishing around a corner. The doors swing open and the venue is immediately buzzing. I wonder if the...

April 23, 2019

'They say you can't choose your family but that's bullshit, you can because here we are, we have chosen our family' reflects Nikki on the words spoken to her by fellow band mate Dan Bonnici.

are more than a band, and in their own words they are a family who are bonded by the music they create. 

Not only that, they are one of the hardest working and best live acts in the country destroying stages and amassing a following everywhere they go.

Last weekend the band kicked off their Evil Eye A...

April 22, 2019

Over the past few years alone Amon Amarth have broken through to become the full on global headlining beast they are today,conquering and slaying everything in their path.

There is a lot more to their story though, the band have been slogging it out for 27 years and have battled their way from venues in Sweden to massive festivals like Wacken open air and beyond.

I’m sure if you asked them they would honestly tell you that they bare their scars from many years on the road and not every war was...

April 19, 2019

One of the years most anticipated tours kicks off this week as the ultimate triple bill kill takes Australia by storm.

A 3 pronged attack of darkened, deathly Swedish majesty, in the form of AT THE GATES, THE HAUNTED and WITCHERY are headed our way and It’s not everyday you get the chance to see even two of these Scandinavian legends together on the same night let alone 3!

In the lead up to the tour Nev Pearce spoke to Witchery/The Haunted guitarist PATRIK JENSEN and At The Gates shredder Mar...

April 17, 2019

Alexisonfire have just dropped the official video for “Familiar Drugs”.

The band once again teamed up with Michael Maxxis who directed their personal favourite AOF video for “The Northern” and City and Colour’s “Fragile Bird”, “Thirst”, and “Lover Come Back”. 


“Everything came together really fast,” says Wade MacNeil. “Maxxis flew into Toronto with a crew of 4 people, found the plainest room he could and shot us on VHS tape and cellphones in a day. We were al...

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